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This 4 month old baby needs a liver transplant to survive

5-year-old Hena always wanted to be a big sister. Her wish was fulfilled in October last year when a cute baby boy was born to her parents, Harshen, a fisherman and Dayana, a housewife. However, before the happiness could fully sink in, her baby brother, Henock, was diagnosed with a chronic liver problem that can quickly become fatal if left untreated. Now her parents are faced with a terrible choice: How will they save their child with a monthly income of less than Rs 3,600?

Dark yellow urine that gave way to a deadly diagnosis

“I did not have any problems during pregnancy. But after the baby was born, we noticed that he passed dark yellow urine. We thought that this was unusual, but the doctor told us that it will be all right after he starts drinking breastmilk properly,” says Dayana.

But the problem persisted even after two weeks. “When we went back to the doctor, he asked us to do more tests. The test results told us that our small baby had a liver condition that cannot be cured. Worse, his liver was completely damaged. A liver transplant is the only way he can survive,” she adds.

Persistent itching and a swollen stomach are too much for his tiny body to take

Henock underwent a surgery, where blocked bile ducts were removed and replaced with a segment of his small intestine, when he was just 51 days old. “Even older people find it difficult to undergo surgeries like this. I can’t imagine how my baby, who was yet to get used to the world he was born into, braved it,” says Harshen. Even after surgery, he did not get better.

 “His eyes started yellowing. And now, his tiny body itches so much that he would scratch any body part that his tiny hands could reach. And to add to his misery, his stomach became enlarged as well. His mother and I cannot bear to see our son suffer like this.”

An elder sister’s plea to God

Henock’s elder sister asks God for only one thing in her prayers: Make my baby brother’s urine white. “Hena may only be 5 years old, but she is quite mature for her age. She understands that her brother passing dark yellow urine is not a good sign. Therefore, she pleads God every day to make his urine less yellow,” shares Dayana. Hena is certain that God will help her brother and is looking forward to the day she could play with him.

A transplant their meagre earnings cannot afford

Harshen’s job as a fisherman is very unpredictable; some days he has a lot of work and manages to make some money, while on other days, he barely has enough to provide for his family. And now that he has to pay for his baby’s treatment, things have become even more difficult.

 “I have sold my wife’s jewellery already. The money required for my son’s transplant is hundred times what I make in a day, or even month. I have no ancestral property that I can sell off. I don’t know how I will arrange the funds in time,” says Harshen.

How you can help

Baby Henock has a life-threatening liver condition that cannot be cured. Only an urgent liver transplantation can save his life. His parents do not have the means to fund his treatment. You can donate and make sure that he grows up to be a healthy, happy human being.

Disclaimer100% of funds raised will be transferred towards Henock's treatment. Every contribution will be matched to raise funds faster and help little Henock. This fundraiser campaign is supported by The Pravin Agarwal Fund.

Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
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22nd June 2018
Dear Supporters,
Thank you all for your support.

Henock has recovered well post transplant. He is living a normal active life and there have been no complications so far.

The family is extremely happy to finally have him at home.

This couldn't have been possible without the support of you all, thank you so much.

9th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful support that you have shown towards the Henock's treatment. He is doing better now compared to earlier.

He has successfully undergone the liver transplantation procedure on Wednesday, 2nd May. His mother was a match and she donated a part of her liver to him.

Both of them are doing better now and he is still in the hospital under observation. Based on his health and the reports from the tests, the doctors will be suggesting the future course of action.

Thank you all once again for all the wonderful support. Will keep you posted. Do pray for his health and speedy recovery. 
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