My son suffocates while walking, help him undergo heart surgery

I am Joraram, father to 13 year-old Kishor from Jodhpur. My son is suffering from a condition of heart known as Tetralogy of Fallot. It is a defect which causes oxygen-poor blood to flow out of the heart and into the rest of the body. Because of this, my son has shortness of breath and often times experience blue-tinge over his skin. On most days, he finds it difficult to even walk. 
While my son has been a victim to the disorder since birth, we only found about it in February when a medical group came for check-up in his school. He is in class 8 and very much involved in extracurricular activities. This is why his teachers pay more attention to him, and as soon as the medical group raised uncertainty over well-being of his heart, we were immediately advised to go to a camp set up in Jodhpur for complete check up. 

"For four months, I was simply waiting for doctor's appointment"

I took my son to the camp in Jodhpur. The doctors there were from reputed hospitals in Delhi. I finally felt a glimmer of hope washed over me when a reputed doctor decided to take up my son's case. I thought that finally my son was in safe hands. We decided to get our son operated under a government scheme which is free of cost. The doctor asked me to come in March. 
When things were looking up, I had a nagging suspicion that it won't last long. And as I went there in March, that suspicion became a reality. As my son had his school exams, the doctor pushed the date to April and when we returned in April, Kishor's name didn't appear under the scheme. I spent entire May calling the concerned hospital, asking them when or where I can find the doctor but I never got any coherent response from their end. 
Finally in June, I managed to find doctor's information from his personal website and connected with him. That is when he said I have to bring my son to a private hospital in Delhi for surgery, as the scheme is only limited to Rajasthan. So I decided to bring my son to Delhi, but to what end?

"Family of humble means"

I have a beauty shop in small village of Jodhpur. I make an earning of Rs.5000 per month. My wife is a home-maker. Other than Kishor, I have two other kids. With a measly sum of Rs.5000 it becomes extremely difficult to manage family of five. The estimated cost of the surgery is 3.5 lakhs. How can a poor shopkeeper like me manage that much money?

Why should you help?

Joraram is trying his best to arrange the funds required for his son's heart surgery. Given his limited means, however, he is finding it extremely difficult to reach even half the amount. Funds raised through this fundraiser campaign will Kishor to undergo surgery on time.
Estimate Letter by treating doctor
Estimate Letter by treating doctor
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15th September 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for all the love and support you have shown Kishor so far. Kishore is better now. We visit the hospital for monthly checkups to evaluate his health and by when we can get him treated.

The doctors have suggested that his breathing problem will subside once he is operated and he is fit to undergo the surgery as well. I have spent a lot on his treatment already and have no source to arrange for funds to pay now. I request all of you kind hearted donors to please help me treating my son. Please share this campaign further with your friends so that he can have a normal childhood.

Thank you all once again for all the support.

Thanks & Regards,
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Get well soon beta

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Get well soon..champ

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