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Help My Childhood Friend Vikas Monga Fight Blood Cancer

This is the story of my Friend.

Life was going on quite smoothly for me. I had a secure job, a caring mother, a loving wife, and an angel for a daughter. We were all very happy with our lives and were enjoying every moment with our limited resources and were content with whatever we had.
When I was 6 years old, I lost my father. My mother worked very hard to support the family, our maternal grandparents supported us too. We always thanked God for whatever he has blessed us with.

I graduated and started working at an early age and took the burden of the family

I soon became the sole bread earner for the family.

 I couldn't pursue higher/professional education as I was hardly left with any time for studies after the tiring and long working hours. But still I was very happy with my life and always thanked God for making myself dependent.

I got married at the age of 35. I got a feeling of belongingness and soon we were blessed with a baby girl. The aim and priorities in my life had changed.  My sole aim was to work harder to ensure a bright future and a good and secure lifestyle for our sweet little daughter. 

My only aim was to make sure that my baby girl was not deprived of those necessities/ luxuries, things that I could not get in my childhood.
Everything was working  fine. Our little angel turned 3 yrs. 

Things suddenly turned upside down

I suddenly started witnessing a drop in my weight. Initially, I enjoyed this weight loss as any man who weighs 100 kg would love it if the body automatically shreds 5-8 kgs. 

But it didn't stop there. I had soon lost 20 kg in just 3 months. 
I started visiting a number of specialists in different city hospitals. They made me take many tests and investigations including blood investigations, x-rays, ultrasounds, dexa scan, spinal CT scan and MRI, CT scan of brain, Endoscopy, MRCT of Liver, Colonoscopy, Fibroscan, EEG & MRI of brain, ECG and ECHO and finally the PET CT (cancer scanning test). 
Nothing significant came out in these investigations. 
But the weight loss continued and I lost 42 kgs in a period of 5 months. My weight reduced to 58 kgs. I became thin, pale, weak and could hardly carry myself. I lost my appetite. A lot of money was spent on all these investigations and I lost the ability and desire to work. Finally the doctors at a famous city hospital advised me to go for Bone Marrow test and Bone Marrow Autopsy.

This is when my life changed

The report came as the biggest shock to me and my immediate family. I was diagnosed with BLOOD CANCER (Accute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). Just to get a second opinion, my friends advised me to get the test done again from a different hospital. I kept my fingers crossed to hear a different news but the result was the same again.

 I couldn't believe what had happened to me. Everything in front of me, went blank..... I could see that I was approaching death. My daughter's innocent face was in front of me, my eyes filled with tears. 

Soon she might lose her father, that too just at the age of 3 yrs. How she would adjust to this loss ? How would she face the hardships of life? I couldn't sleep for two nights and couldn't stop crying. I couldn't get the answer.... Why me ? I thought.... WHY ME, WHY ME ???

I need your help 

As per the doctors, the treatment should be started immediately as my condition has been deteriorating day by day. The treatment is a very costly affair, something beyond my medical insurance and my families savings. 

The survival chances are 60-65%. 

To me, that is a new ray of hope. It was like seeing sunlight amongst the darkest clouds. Please help me and keep me in your prayers. A simple contribution or share will drive this a long way. I want to live for my family. Your support means everything to us.

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Help my childhood friend Vikas Monga fight Blood cancer.
Help my childhood friend Vikas Monga fight Blood cancer.
Medical Test report of Vikas Monga
Medical Test report of Vikas Monga
Medical Test report of Vikas Monga
Medical Test report of Vikas Monga
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15th June 2017
Dear Friends

Vikas Monga Latest Pics enclosed below

Vikas Monga is admitted to hospital Since 25th May 2017, for low Blood Count and Low Platelets, weakness and severe gastritis. 
He has undergone blood transfusion platelets and plasma Almost in alternative days he has gone for blood transfusion and platelets
Vikas Monga Bilirubin ( Lever ) is highly increased approx 3.8
Currently is HB are in between 7- 8 and Platelets are in 35000 – 40000
Vikas is suffering from Back Pain doctors advised for MRI of Spine
Vikas Monga has Develops Knot in his Back doctors said it is Due to Cancer
After gone through Endoscopy and colonoscopy to check for Internal Bleeding but nothing much worried by the grace of GOD doctors prescribed the treatment for the same and treating vikas well
He is bit Stable fro Last 2 Days but he hardly can speak because of Weakness

I am always thankful to all of you for you Blessings and donation
I am claiming Rs. 525000/ out of the Contribution to settle hospital Bills, blood bank charges and other adhoc expenses

10th June 2017
Dear Donors,

As you know Vikas is struggling for Blood Cancer and you have already donated the Funds for his treatment recovery for which I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

He has undergone Bone Marrow Transplant. We are claiming those funds for the treatment of Vikas. He will need your prayers and support.

Keep Supporting

8th June 2017
Dear Supporters,

He is hospitalised since 25th May 2017, he has very low platelets and low HB. He has undergone Blood Transfusion many times and prattles, plasma etc.

We request you to share this further in your circles and pray for his health to improve.

Thank you for being so supportive in our times of need.
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