Our Goal:
We believe that ability is evenly distributed. Exposure and opportunity are not. With technology being at the forefront of innovation, we hope to bridge this gap.
KidsWhoKode partners with affordable private schools. We leverage their facilities, identify 15 facilitators from India's leading engineering colleges, and train 20 students (10 students who are between 4-6th standard and 10 students who are between 7-9th standard). In one month kids who have never used a computer before are exploring loops, nested loops, conditionals, and events. By the end of the program, our students are able to build their own online game.

The rapid pace at which technological innovation is changing our world makes it imperative for children to not just consume technology but to also create it. Young children have flexible minds that are naturally curious and open to learning new things. In this context, coding is a perfect beginning because it is similar to learning a new language; always easier when a child is young. Coding unleashes creativity and confidence in children because it provides them with the tools to build their own solutions in a fun and engaging way. Along the journey, children also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These benefits get translated to other school subjects as well.

Infrastructure Required:
KidsWhoKode partners with affordable private schools where computers/laptops and internet facilities are minimal. In every school that we partner with, we require 10 computers and internet access. Our 3-month intervention in any school, combined with your donation, helps ~100 students per school, per year, learn to code.
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15th December 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on our campaign.

So far, we have completed 5 weekends that is 10 days of coding with our 2 groups.

Beyond coding, the kids have understood the importance of decomposing a problem and to look for patterns that will help them, solve it. We have emphasized the importance of zooming out, staying calm and looking at the problem afresh.

Using coding, students are getting creative with their art. This requires a good understanding of direction, angles, shapes and math. This was challenging for the kids. We have provided supplemental material and HW to reinforce these facts. We have also played games like alligator, and Simon says to make learning fun.

We share with you the following links. These are games coded by our students. Some of them have scored up to 59 points. Please do play these games and share your feedback with us. We are SO Proud of our kids.
Through the above games, students apply the concept of variables (algebra), when they keep a score.

In the upcoming sessions, the children will learn new and challenging concepts and continue to create games that they share online and with family.

Thank you for your support and love.
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