Permanent accommodation for orphan HIV/AIDS boys & girls

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20th September 2016
Satyakam Care Home and its children need our help again.
Ajay Sharma, the man who set out on this mission to selflessly care for HIV positive orphaned children, plans to build a permanent and bigger home for the children. He wants to take more children under his care, girls too this time, which is not yet possible in their small rented house. He needs our support to build the house on a piece of land donated to him by some generous local people. Let’s give it to him.

Ajay and his wife are doing a heroic, noble, and selfless work by taking care of these 13 boys. But they do not plan to stop here. Finding a new rented place to stay every now and then proves very challenging for them. Ajay plans to build a house for the children, a place they can call their permanent home. Also, he wants to take in more children. His goal is to have around 50 children under his care, 25 boys and 25 girls. Girls couldn’t be a part of their home until now due to lack of adequate space, but he wishes to build a house where that can be possible.

This, is where we come in. He needs to raise about 44 lac rupees, to construct such a house for the Satyakam children, to take more children under his care. This is our chance to be a part of his mission. To show our support to such heroes. To show the children that there is a different side of the society, that cares for them, wants to ease their troubles, and wants to see them progress. And moreover, our funds will help more such kids to have a home. Even girls this time would become a part of the Satyakam family. Let’s give them the best that we can.

From the proposed cost, Ajay ji has a plan for:

a. Constructing a home with medical room, separate dormitory halls for accommodating boys and girls, kitchen & dining room, toilets unit (5 seats), store, additional activity room, a small research setup to help children living in families, study room, playground and a small roomApx. 3252000 INR
b. Bunker beds and furniture for 50 kids mattressesApx. 775000 INR
c. Recurring cost for an year to achieve sustainability including water, electricity, toiletries and foodApx. 126000 INR
d. Medicines [basic treatment is provided by the doctors voluntarily but still every month there are some dozes that are bought from Delhi or have to be purchased on price locally]Apx. 300000 INR


How the idea snowballed:

Ajay Sharma has a very strong survival instinct and he hopes to inspire the same sense of perseverance into his thirteen adopted children who are affected by AIDS/HIV. Ajay is no stranger to hardship himself having survived through serious brain hemorrhaging and successfully restoring normalcy to his life. Ever since Ajay’s doctors deemed him healthy, he has been working towards providing abandoned children with the opportunity to live in a protective and affectionate environment. Ajay resigned from his job, and with the moral and financial support of his wife, Babita, he has been running the Satyakam Sewa Ashram out of a rented house in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. The couple house and support thirteen adopted children solely on Babita’s salary; often cutting back on personal expenses and desires in order to maintain a decent standard of living for their children. Currently, Ajay is working to spread awareness about the AIDS virus, gradually educating the general public on how the disease spreads and breaking down the common misconceptions associated with it. Through the Satyakam Sewa Ashram, kids that were previously cast aside are given the opportunity to be a part of a healthy home environment. The youngest child at the Ashram is six and a half years old, while the oldest claims that he will never leave his father’s side. All the children at the house refer to Ajay as “Pitaji”; Ajay is unfazed by the challenging task that lays ahead of him, however, his unwavering love for the kids motivates him to be a father to many more.

Required Support Through This Campaign:

When a child loses either one or both parents, his or her future is automatically slightly compromised. Orphaned kids, most often than not, end up being homeless and spend most of their time in hunger and poverty. These orphans are in need of a healthy environment to live in and deserve to be given the chance to prosper.

Uttar Pradesh has an alarmingly high number of HIV positive people at 21,000, the majority of which are below the age of 20. Taking into account UP’s high HIV positivity rate, the state does not have any care homes or shelters in place to provide for orphaned children suffering from HIV. Existing shelters and homes are very discriminative when it comes to individuals infected with AIDS; this negative prejudice is the reason for a lot of the children’s suffering. Satyakam Residential Care Home began in Meerut with the purpose of providing shelter and a caring family environment for orphaned children infected with HIV.

Due to a limited holding capacity and minimal funds, the organization is capable of providing very restricted support to the thirteen children residing at their home. They are currently entirely dependent on the salary of Ajay’s wife and on local and outstation donations.

Satyakam seeks your support to ensure the quality of services being given to the thirteen kids is not compromised. If donations are raised successfully through this campaign, the care home will have an avenue of support for at least one year. Support Satyakam and help abandoned, HIV-infected children have the opportunity to live normal lives.

Breakup of donation sought:
Head  Amount  
Education  850
Medical Checkups  650
Diet  1170
Medicines  800
Recreation   300
Hygiene  400
Total Amount (Monthly)  4170
Total Amount (Yearly)  50040
Total Amount (13 kids for a year)  650520

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