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Roughly half of our grade 8 students aren’t able to read books that are beyond grade 3 level - That’s 5 years below their grade level!
And, around 40% of our total students cannot understand the basics of writing and speaking English, in spite of being exposed to the language for a considerable time period.
This is the unfortunate reality of the classroom, that Shyam Prasanth and I, as Teach for India fellows, teach at a low-income private school at Tondiarpet, North Chennai.

We've contacted several organizations like Chetana, Vidyalaya, Prayatna etc. and finally found a trained special educator, with 12 years of experience, who'd be assessing our students bi-weekly (twice a week).  

She specializes in Special Education, Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism & Developmental Disabilities and has been working therapeutically with children since 2005, using a variety of techniques such as Play-Therapy, Brain Gym, Social Stories, Eurhythmy, TEACH NILD Program and more.  

She will be observing our teaching strategies and techniques, assessing the children’s retention abilities, their behavioural patterns etc. and helping us conscientiously track their progress. 

She’s agreed to do ALL of this FREE of charge; the only expense being her transport cost.

Since she’s from Madipakkam (South Chennai) and my school is at Tondiarpet (North Chennai) which covers a total of roughly 50km back and forth (Madipakkam to Tondiarpet = 25km), the total cost for 6 months is expensive.
Here's the estimate:
One way = Rs. 480 (Rs. 100 for 4 km, Rs. 18 for every additional km)
To and fro = Rs. 480*2 = Rs. 960
Twice a week = Rs. 960*2 = Rs. 1920
Total Charge per month = Rs. 1920 * 4 = Rs. 7680
Total Charge for 6 months (Oct to Mar) = Rs. 7680 * 6 = Rs. 46,080  

100% of the money donated would directly be used for the designated expense listed above. Anything additional would also be used for the students such as buying books, stationary etc.

I and my co-fellow Shyam will be solely in charge of it.  For more details on Teach for India (TFI) and its fellowship program, please visit
73 students and this is our STORY:

Janarthanan, the oldest of our 8th graders, hasn’t been able to read a text beyond Grade 1 level fluently while the last book that Hariharan, the youngest, had read by himself was ‘The very hungry caterpillar' by Eric Carle.

Kezia, a 13 year old, struggles to write the reverse of the digits 974369, while yet another student who is so emotionally daunted by his previous school experience (he has a permanently fractured finger due to an abhorrent teacher’s doing) that he hasn’t emotionally or scholastically grown much for the past 3 years.

We have students who have won Olympiads and are capable of building robots by themselves. We also have students such as those mentioned who are first generation learners and are exposed to factors such as inadequate nutrition, maternal depression, parental substance abuse, and trauma and abuse that have left them with impaired cognitive capacities.

Learning disability is a term that can be difficult to define. But all learning impairments share one thing in common: deviations in processing information in one or more locations of the brain. 

We’re in this job so that ALL children can find their path as every single child has a say, a destiny, and we’re here to help them live it.
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2nd November 2017
Thank you very much for your donation and for such encouraging wishes.
You've helped us get closer to making inclusive education a reality for all our students. :)

We've spoken to the Special educator and are in the midst of getting the assessment documents ready. Once those are in place, we are due to start the screening and assessment process by next week.

The general flow is given below:

Step 1: Grouping
(Students to be grouped into 2 categories – Group 1: List of students who are having any mild learning challenges / difficulties; Group 2: List of students who you think may have some kind of learning disability or any other kind of disability or medical needs).
Status: Complete

Step 2: Parental Consent Form
(Consent form to be signed and received from parents)
Status: Complete

Step 3: Screening (For - Group 1)
Status: Not yet started; Tentative date: 11/Nov/2016

Step 4: Assessment
(Comprehensive Learning Potential Assessment to be done for Group-2)
Status: Not yet started; Tentative date: 11/Nov/2016

Step 5: Profiling
(To understand the need for Instructional, Interventional, MI, Alternative POA)
Status: Not yet started

Step 6: Finalize Plan of Action
(Environment | Teaching & Learning Process | Differentiation | Assessment)
Status: Not yet started

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