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    Anil Abraham Varghese

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On August 15th I woke to a rainy morning independence day. Attended to my pets and in a short while I got news that a town Ranni had flooded and wasupset with the news as I had friends and family there. In a short while I heard news that the pamba river that flows through our town Maramon is gushing with water. I made a few phone calls and got images that my work place had ankle level water and one of my colleagues affected by the floods in Ranni couldn't make to work as she was on holiday duty. So I decided to cover for her. But fortunately someone else decided to do it for her.
I decided to take a look at the paddy fields next to my property where I still saw green. Thought since it's Sunday is go buy some supplies for home and stepped out with my aging folks. Left them at our nearby house where we had a few things stocked. Driving by I saw unusal amount of people for a holiday morning. I went to my local meat shop and the guy who I've been buying my meat from for the past 12yrs was telling me that the pamba river was filling up quickly, but his home is safe from the floods. He asked me if we saw any flood water nearby, to which I said my safe. Got a few other supplies and thought I'll pick up my folks and head back home. On the way back there was an unusual traffic just before our chettimukku junction. I rolled down the window and asked what the commotion was and was surprised to hear that water had flooded the streets and small cars weren't able to get through. My immediate concern was to get my parents out of our other house where I had dropped them earlier.
I decided to drive through the flooded waters to get to my parents and get them home. I reached the junction I had to turn and saw unusal amount of water and had my doubts wheather my Jeep would pass. Anyway decided to park and get my parents by foot since it was just a 10 minute walk. But I knew my mother would find it difficult to walk with her osteoporotic knees. I parked the care a few Meyer ahead of the junction and decided to get by foot. Reached and saw a jeep go by. Went back to get my car and decided to drive. Through to get my parents. As I was driving through the water there was a jeep that went in front which had stalled. As water levels were increasing quite fast. Decided to reverse and head home and come back by foot to collect my parents as the situation was getting worse. I headed home through a fast flooding junction and reached home. Placed the supplies at home rolled up my jeans and headed out with 2 umbrellas. Just before I headed out checked if water had reached the property but it hadnt. However the paddy fields where I saw green earlier, I could see water there. Anyways I headed out to get my parents back. Reached my other house and saw my parents were frantically moving things to the first floor. The water had already reached the first step of the veranda. I told them to leave everything and lock the place and leave as water levels were increasing as we speak. With my mother's painful knees walked through waist deep flooded water with myself and my dad on one side. Reached after an hour long walk to our home. Which usually is a 20min walk.  Reached home and saw that water had reached the property and we thought ok that's it. It won't rise more than that.
I was constantly running to kitchen to see only the water rising. I feared the safety of my pets. The kennel runs started to flood. And the maximum we've faced is water entering the backyard never to the front yard. So we were under the impression that this was it. When the kennel started flooding I quickly moved my boxer dogs on to the terrace. My bird cages were large flights which were as high as the house. So left them there and water levels still rising. After a while I moved the car's to the front yard. Water levels still rising by the minute and to my dismay water had reached the front yard for the first time in history. I still thought it will never enter the house. In another 30mins I saw water gushing in from the front gate. Thats when I realised that this isn't good. My aging neighbour came and said to move the car's to his property next door which I obediently did. He also offered for us to stay at his brothers place if water enters out home. I parked the cars and came back and water had reached the first step of our house. I told my parents to pack some clothes and important documents and said it's safe to move to the house my neighbour had said as there was no other option. As we were packing water had started looking the house within no time. Luckily we made the decision to move and thanks to my neighbour we did. Otherwise my parents were under the impression that the water will never enter our homes. We moved with our important documents. By the hour water had flooded half way through the house. Unfortunately my neighbours house also flooded and he was forced to move in with us too. That night we spent hungry in the dark fearing what would've happened to our belongings and I feared the safety of my pets. I had helped my aged neighbour move as he had a grandmother who couldn't walk. We all sat and watched as water levels rised slowly the entire night. And water had reached the second step of the house we were staying in too. Fearing water levels reusing further and no signs of the rains stopping. None of us had slept as we feared for the worst. Food was our next concern. It was only the next day thanks to our neighbour who had some rice we could get some food into us. The next few days involved foraging for food and water as we were running out of supplies. No sort of relief work had reached us during those days. 3 days it took for water levels to recede. By that time the damage was already done but I'm grateful for our lives and the people in our community who helped. Us with food and supplies.
We came to both our homes being in unlivable condition with everything in the house being underwater for 3 days. It took us 10 days to get the dirt out of the house with cleaning still in progress. This is my story and there 100s more with similar and much worse experiences. We thought the floods were the worst but it's the after effects and making homes livable again. This fund is for that. My parents list everything they worked for in a matter of 12hrs. We are trying to salvage whatever we can. It's takes time and a lot of man power.
I humbly request a tiny contribution from everyone and anyone possible for a few families to get back on our feet. Thank you and God bless. 

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