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Funds required to conserve Miyawaki Forests from Animal Attacks
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Rural and Urban Development Research Association (RUDRA) is a team of socially committed experts and professionals of different areas. It was formed on 18th December, 2015. RUDRA is a registered, non-government, non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian, voluntary & social organization.

RUDRA  has contributed itself towards environmental conservation through various activities and community programs in bio-diversity, safe drinking water, water crisis and tree conservation.

One of its initiatives is the Miyawaki method of forest creation which was created in  Jharkhand's  Medhkuri village of Daru block in Hazaribagh district on 14th October 2018.

The Miyawaki method, a proven methodology which helps grow native forests faster and more biodiverse than traditional methods. The process of afforestation involves village people at each level, making it altogether a different experience for the community.

According to India State of Forest Report, there is only 3% of the very dense forest is remaining in Jharkhand. It is high time that we do not just conserve but create! Its been nearly 4 months since we planted. The plants were all growing well for the initial two months, they were forming a network with each other and were high on life. Since the last month, there have been frequent attacks by goats from the nearby houses mostly due to the carelessness of the owners and due to anti-social elements from the village. It has hampered the growth of the plants to a great extent. Planting 300 trees of 20 different species close together covers our blood and sweat of 6 months just to witness a dense forest amidst us. We plan to fence the land to save our little children but to do so we need help from all of you nature lovers!

Few highlights about the forest that Rudra has created:
1. land: 100 sq. mt.
2. It is Jharkhand's first forest created by Miyawaki method
3. no. of plants: 300
4. Total no. of native species: 20
5. the forest patch is
100% bio-diverse
100% organic
10 times denser
it grows 10 times faster than the traditional plantation
6. we have experimented this method on a small land, if it succeeds we will create more such forests on bigger lands by partnering with the Government.

It costs *Rs.133* to fence and water single tree for 2 years. *Can you help RUDRA bring back the lost native forests? *
Simple jungle math...
1 sapling @ Rs. 133
2 saplings @ Rs. 266
5 saplings @ Rs. 665
10 saplings @ Rs. 1330

The Problem:
1. Baby goat attacks from the nearby houses has hampered the growth of 80% of the plants.
2. The goats eat the leaves of the plants, not allowing them to grow faster.
3. Plants are suffering as they have to grow their leaves again and again from the start.

Our Solution:
We plan to install a 4 feet tall chain link fence made of low carbon steel, covering the whole 100 sq. meter plot.

You can contribute as per your wish. A small contribution  can make a big difference for the environment.
You will be updated about the progress done from your contributions.

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