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We are supporting former Devadasi women as they start independent businesses


As solo PR consultants dedicated to helping our fellow entrepreneurs, it's shocking to learn that the basic freedoms we take for granted are withheld from a whole group of women in India as part of a cycle of abuse.
An estimated 250,000 girls and women in southwestern India are still dedicated to their local temple as "Devadasis" (meaning "servant of God") in an ancient custom. Abused by the rich and powerful, in modern times this now outlawed practice forces many women into prostitution to survive.
We applaud the women of the group we're supporting (see below) - Sujata Kamble, Shanakka, Shobha, Gouravva, Pavitra, Geeta and Laxmibai Umarani - as they work to take charge of their own future through goat rearing. Your contribution is a loan that will be repaid (which we love).
Thank you for helping us support this worthy cause!
Kellye Crane and Karen Swim

Who we are helping

Sujata Kamble and Group
$175 raised

Goal: $500

Supporters (3)

Lillie lent US $25
Karen lent US $100
Kellye lent US $50