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Currently the KAW facility runs out of a 400 sq yard house. The center has 4 rooms and a small garden at the front. The puppies, dogs with maggot wounds, skin issues and dogs who have almost recovered share the same rooms. The center staff also sleeps and eats in the same room as the dogs.

Despite the need for more space, the plan isn't to increase the animal capacity by double. The plan is to streamline the operations, medical facility and boost the sterilisation program.

The new facility will be divided in two parts. One portion will be exclusively the treatment and the quarantine area for critical cases and the rest would be the recovery area along with a small play area for the dogs in our care.

Currently, all the dog rescued and brought to the centre pass through the main gate and the common drive way, which puts the other recovering animals at risk of disease and infection.

At the KAW new centre the treatment area will be a separate unit from the recovery area. Both the units will be divided by a wall and the treatment area would include a special holding area (Quarantine).

At present the new site has three rooms but these will need to be demolished and rebuilt due to structural issues.The cost of building the new centre would be anywhere around 15-20 lacs.

The current facility has a very poor drainage system making it difficult to clean and dispose off the waste matter. The new centre will have a number of drainage locations and water hookups throughout the facilities which is inside the kennels, wash rooms, quarantine areas, etc.

The project would require tremendous support from you all. Other than monetary support we will need a lot of stuff that can be donated in kind. We welcome suggestions from all of you so that we together can build a better facility. We are right now far from an ideal centre but we hope with the new KAW care centre we will be able raise the standards of animal care in the Delhi-NCR region.

The principles on which KAW works will remain the same and our focus will still be on quality. With the new facility our focus will be on increasing the success rate of cases and making sure the mortality rate decreases further.

We will be posting the needs for the new centre through this event page.

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14th May 2017
Dear Supporters,
Following the previous update, here are some pictures of our care center.
Thank you so much for coming forward to help us.
14th May 2017
Today we opened our KAW care centre and we shall start taking cases from 25 May 2017. Thank you all for partnering with us in this noble cause. Every penny donated by you all will go in wellbeing of the kids rescued at kaw.

11th May 2017

Dear Donors,

Thank you so much for following the progress of the new centre on our Facebook page and sharing this campaign widely to raise awareness and funds for the campaign. The new centre is opening on May 14th and we are in last leg of completion. We still have a lot of bills to pay starting from the labour charges for construction, Painters Charges, Plumbers Charges. We will be using this money to pay for the raw material charges for the sewer that is being constructed at the centre. I am also attaching the link of our event on May 14 and everyone is invited to attend the opening. The shifting will only start on 20th May as paint is still going on in the other section. 

This amount is going to help us clear part of 95930/- bill that we have occurred for raw material to finish the sewer and few remaining areas of the centre.
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