This Mother Needs Help To Save His 2-year-Old Son's Life From Cancer

Upen and Dippi are a young and happy couple and the birth of their first child was their happiest moment. Their son Kaushik was the center of their world. They started weaving beautiful dreams for his future. But their little world was completely shattered when 2-year-old Kaushik was diagnosed with cancer.

Even two months back, Kaushik was a cheerful, active little boy. Suddenly, he got allergies and rashes all over the skin. His parents thought it was an infection and took him to a local hospital. But the blood tests showed that he had cancer. Upen and Dippi refused to believe the reports and took him to several other hospitals. All the reports confirmed the same thing - Kaushik had cancer. They started treatment right away.

"Doctors asked us to take him to a bigger hospital. I sold the little piece of land I had to bring him to Chennai. He is my only child, I can't imagine losing him. It is unbearable to see him in constant pain. He is showing improvement after the chemo, so I will not give up at any cost." -

Upen Kaushik has completed one cycle of chemotherapy and needs three more cycles of intensive chemotherapy. Kaushik is scared of injections and he refuses to let anyone come near. This little boy who was once full of life is now fragile and exhausted. His pain and fears are heartbreaking.

Kaushik's mother Dippi spends sleepless nights and she has still not come to terms with Kaushik's condition. She does not understand the language spoken in Chennai and has no one to talk to. She feels anxious and refuses to leave Kaushik even for a moment.

Kaushik is pleading with us to take him back home. He doesn't understand why this is happening to him. I wish he recovers soon, I can't see my little one crying in pain. We don't have any money left with us, I dread going back home without him." - Dippi

Upen is a farmer and he has sold off the little piece of land he had to bring him to Chennai. They have rented a room here and have no source of income. Yet they are determined to save his life. Kaushik is showing signs of improvement. Doctors are hopeful that he'll recover soon if he completes the chemotherapy. This gives his parents the strength to continue the battle despite all odds.

Upen and Dippi have come all the way to Chennai from Assam. They have sold all their land. They are struggling to save their only child. There is a good chance of recovery if the treatment is completed. They need Rs 10 lakhs for the treatment which is beyond their means. Only your contributions can save Kaushik's life.

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Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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28th February 2018
Dear Supporters,

Here is a quick update on Kaushik's health.

Kaushik has completed his second cycle of chemotherapy for acute myeloid leukemia and he has been discharged.

He will have a weeks rest before admission for the third cycle of chemotherapy

Here is a beautiful picture to say thanks to all the donors who made it possible.

17th February 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the wonderful love and support that you have shown towards Kaushik. He is doing better now compared to earlier and has completed two out of the four prescribed cycles of chemotherapy.

He had a lot of side effects as kids are very sensitive to the treatment but he has recovered faster than expected all due thanks to your support and blessings. He seems happy and enjoying himself on his bed playing with his parents. He is still very wary of doctors and nurses and smiles and waves goodbye when they are three feet away.

His parents are in their early 40s and are very keen to ensure that Kaushik comes out of his struggle with blood cancer. They do realise that they have a long journey ahead but again, feel that they can do it as they now have your support and the support Downs Syndrome Association in India especially Babli who had come to visit him and share words of encouragement.

Thank you for the support. Please do pray for his health and speedy recovery. Will keep you posted. 
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God please help him.

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