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Tom needs your help to fight Leukemia

Why am I fundraising?

Tom hails from Idukki District in Kerala, India. He is 3.5 years old and is the only son of Jo and Litty who are from an agricultural background. Their peaceful life changed overnight when Tom was diagnosed with Leukemia (B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia to be precise) 2 weeks back. Tom is currently admitted in CMC Vellore for advanced treatment. As per his doctor at CMC ideal treatment for this disease is chemotherapy followed by Stem Cell Transplant.

The estimated cost of the Stem Cell Transplant would be as high as Rs. 50, 00000 (Rupees Five Million). Jo is not in a position to raise such a huge amount as his only source of income is farming. He is seeking your prayers and financial support for Tom’s treatment

Request you to make a generous contribution to this noble cause. I have started this campaign on behalf of Jo
hanking you
Pius Sebastian

What do I plan to do with the funds?

Support Tom's treatment for B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Recommended treatment is Chemotherapy followed by Stem Cell Transplant

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Please find the letter from Hospital with details

Tom braucht unsere Hilfe bei dem Kampf gegen Leukämie!
Tom stammt aus Idukki Distrikt in Kerala, Indien.Er ist 3,5 Jahre alt und der einzige Sohn von Jo und Litty.

Die kleine landwirtschaftliche Familie führte ein schönes und friedliches Leben, bis sich über Nacht ihr Leben verändert hat. Bei Tom wurde Leukämie diagnostiziert ( Ärztliche Bezeichnung : B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia ).Tom wird derzeit in CMC Vellore, Tamilnadu,Süd Indien, Klinik für fortgeschrittene Leukämie  behandelt.

Gemäß des ärztlichen Rates, ist die ideale Behandlung für die Krankheit vorerst die Chemotherapie vorzunehmen, gefolgt von einer Stammzellentransplantation (Knochenmark).Die geschätzten Kosten belaufen sich auf 5 Millionen Indische Rupien (Umgerechnet 70.000 €).

Die Eltern Jo und Litty sind nicht in der Lage, diesen hohen Betrag aufzubringen, da die einzige Einnahmequelle die Landwirtschaft ist.
Wir bitten dringend um eure Unterstützung und sind um jeden Cent dankbar! Tom braucht jetzt unsere Unterstützung! Helft Tom bei dem Kampf gegen Leukämie und tragt euren Teil zur Hilfe von Tom bei!

Unten stehend die schriftliche Bestätigung des Krankenhauses.

Ask for an update
27th December 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for all the support you have shown Tom. He is doing better now compared to earlier and is undergoing maintenance therapy.

The bone marrow transplant could not be performed due to the non-availability of the donor. The doctors suggest that he is doing better without the transplant and will be performing the transplant in the future if required. 

He has started to go to school and he is in first grade. He is really happy to go back to school after the break.

Thank you all once again for all the love and support. Your blessings has helped him to recover faster.

28th January 2017
Dear Supporters

Thanks for your continued support and prayers. Also apologies for not providing an update for few months.

Tom is on his way to recovery. He is now discharged from CMC and is on Maintenance mode now. Tom is currently at his native place in Kerala. His Chemotherapy sessions are going on. Tom goes to a hospital in Kochin (Rajagiri Medical College) once in 15 days for Chemotherapy and does the review in CMC Vellore once in 3 months. His WBC count is stable ever since he is discharged from hospital. His overall health is improving. I am attaching a recent Photograph. Improvement is quite visible

On the flip side stem cell transplant could not be done because of lack of fully matched donors for the transplant. Doctors don’t want to do it with partial match and the one full match person is not ready to donate citing health/ logistics reasons. Doctors are taking a wait and watch approach now. They will go for the transplant with partial match donors only if the situation worsens. We hope and pray that he recovers fully.

Once again thanks for your continued support and prayers.


10th November 2016
Dear Supporters, 

I am Uthra Nagarajan, an Open Fellow at Milaap. I spoke to Pius Sebastian, Tom’s uncle.

The search for a perfect stem-cell match for Tom did not work out; the one donor who was a complete match is in Philippines and is unable to donate. 

Tom’s father is a partial match (50 percent) and the discussion on whether he could be a donor  started a month ago. “But Tom’s doctors are very hesitant,” said Pius, over a phone call. “There is a high chance of Tom rejecting a partial match and this would risk his health further.” 

The family hasn’t lost hope yet. Tom is still on the transplant list and the search for a complete match has intensified. Currently, Tom has finished his initial eight chemotherapy sessions and is now in maintenance mode. He takes injections once in 15 days and undergoes chemotherapy once in three months. “If at any time his condition worsens, we will have to go ahead with the partial match transplant, even though it is highly risky” said Pius Sebastian. 

Thank you for the amazing support. I will keep you posted with more updates in the coming days.

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