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KasmeVade.com- Help Provide A Voice For Voter's Electoral Demands
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Need Rs.65,000
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    Sandeep Jain
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    Free Lance Developer Dragan S Via Sandeep Jain

    from Pune, Maharashtra



My name is Sandeep Jain. I am developing a website KasmeVade.com whose purpose is to provide a voice to people to express their election Manifesto Demands
The Website will allow Voters to put up their requirement for Election Manifesto, and other users can vote on each item so that items can be prioritized
The objective of the Website is to have authentic information on needs and expectations of the people from next government and pass it to the election candidates and parties

The Cost of the Website development is 65,000 Rs

Please help us raise the required amount by clicking on the donate button and/or sharing this fundraiser with family and friends.

We are grateful for your help!

Here is a description for the requirements of the Website on which a Freelance Developer Dragan S is workingfor the requirements of the Website on which a Freelance Developer Dragan S is working


Crowd Sourcing Election Manifesto  - PeoplePerHour.com                                                                                              

*Discussion Forum for Crowd Sourcing Election Manifesto*

 The inputs would be from Voters / Citizens that they would like to see as an Election Manifesto (promises by Political Parties).

 Objective of the website is to prioritize on the various points of Manifestos
 We should be able to see the points in order of importance as per the Voting patterns. There can be other sort criteria also


 -There could be different manifestos for a different level of elections - local, state and national.
 -There would be different manifestos for each local body and state


 -Admin can trigger an email to all users (for important changes in system etc)
 -Admin will have all privileges available to a Moderator
 -Admin can define type of Public Figures


 -Moderators can delete comments or inputs
 -Moderators can bar a user
 -Registration is subject to approval by Moderator
 -Moderators can add Hash Tags
 -Moderator can add category also
 -Admin will flag a User as Moderator
 -Admin can disable a Moderator
 -A moderator can identify duplicates and Admin can combine the duplicate posts
 -Moderator will review threads/replies marked as inappropriate by Users
 -Moderators can Flag users as Public Figure
 -Moderators can do minor changes in verbiage of threads but it would be intimated to thread poster and he can undo the changes

 *Hash Tags and Categories*

 -Categories are pre-defined but more can be added
 -Typical Categories are Water, Power, Education, Health, Taxes etc
 -Typical hashtags School Fees, 24X7 Water
 -Hashtags can have spaces


 -Login can be via Facebook or a New Id Registration
 -For New Ids passwords can be changed through change password linkNew Ids passwords can be changed through change password link
 -Registrations need  to be activated through link on email if account is not via Facebook


 -Users can add Hash Tags or check Categories
 -Threads and Replies will have Upvote / Downvote (Quora-style) by Users
 -User can receive alerts by email for updates on his discussion points
 -Users can upload attachments or attach pictures
 -Polls in the threads can be an optional good feature
 -Users can flag inappropriate thread or reply and admin can block those
 -Threads or Replies can be Favorited
 -Users can share a thread to Social Media
 -Users can apply filters to see discussion threads and replies of only public profiles like Corporators, MLA, etc.
 -While Registering Users can indicate if they have ever fought an election and type of election
 -User can follow a Thread, another User or a  Topic
 -Users can suggest verbiage changes to Threads (which would be visible to Thread Poster or Moderator)
 -Users will see number of threads , replies posted by them . Votes given by them (Up and Down separately)number of threads , replies posted by them . Votes given by them (Up and Down separately)

 -Top Tags and Categories should be displayed in a separate pane , along with threads for given Tag/Category
 -A complete list of Tags and Categories should be available for browsing through menu option
 -The number of threads/replies/votes for corresponding Tags and Categories should be shown
 -Date of posting of the thread and Date of the last reply should be visible
 -Page should display total number of issues and replies and Votes

 -The threads should display total number of views and total number of replies
 -Thumbnail of attachments and pictures would be visible
 -Replies would be indented hierarchically
 -Replies would be visible after click on expand button
 -Replies can have sub-replies

 *New Thread Posting*
 -App will try to find whether similar threads if they already exist and list the duplicates or similar thread to the user when user clicks submit
 -Thread would be saved in Draft mode intermittently

 *Public Figures*
 -Users who are public figures (leaders or spokespersons in political parties) would be identified separately
 -User would be tagged as
 #Corporator (or a past Candidate for Corporation Elections)
 #MLA (or a past Candidate for State Government Elections)
 #MP (or a past Candidate for Center Government Elections)
 #Spokesperson (Representing in TV Debates, could be an independent Spokesperson also)
 #Social Media Leader (say having followers more than 10,000)
 #Executive in a large company (CEO, COO, Chairperson)  
 #Media Editors
 #(Admin can define more Roles for Public Figures)

 -System will send email weekly for activity on a thread in which a user has participated
 To be added

 URL with similar sites are in attachment

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