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Karthika Needs Your Help To Fight Cancer

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Maruthai and Kalpana hope to see their daughter completing college, getting a job and getting married some day. They believe one day their daughter will be completely cured of this life threatening disease and lead a normal life. They wish to see her fulfill her aspirations and make them proud. 
However life hasnt been easy for Karthika in all her teenage years she has spent more time in visisting hospitals for blood transfusion than visiting friends and meeting them.

Karthika is a young 19-year-old student of final years has been suffering from Fanconi Anaemia (Type of a Blood Cancer) since she was 12 years old.
She needs your support to fund her Bone Marrow Transplant Surgery scheduled in December. Her family has somehow able to arrange most of the funds, however, they are still short of 3 lakh rupees.

First signs of her illness -
Back in late 2009, when Karthika was a middle school student, she started showing symptoms of appetite loss. She rapidly started losing weight and use to frequently feel extreme weakness. Intitally the parents thought she was suffering from stomach infection however when she lost more than 7kgs in month's time her parents got concerned and took her to a private hospital in Coimbatore. After six months she was finally diagnosed with Fanconi Anaemia and was advised to undergo blood transfusions twice every month.

However, the doctors advised the family that blood transfusion is not a permanent solution and Karthika needs to undergo (Bone Marrow Transplant). Karthika's younger brother Praveen was identified as the donor and the cost for the transplant was estimated around 7 lakhs.
However, parents were not ready to go ahead with transplant as they could not afford the cost of the treatment and were also scared to involve their son Praveen in the stem cell transplant.

"After seeing all the sufferings my daughter I could just not agree to put my son life at risk" - Maruthai

For the last 6 years, Karthika and her parents have been visiting local hospitals in Coimbatore twice a month for Karthika's blood transfusion.  They used to spend close to 5000 rupees every month since last 6 years on Karthika's medicines and treatment. The family now faces a lot of difficulties in raising up two young kids with a lot of financial liabilities.

The family saw a ray of hope Six months ago when they met Dr. Revathy Raj of Apollo Hospitals Chennai at a hospital in Coimbatore. The Doctor addressed their concerns about BMT and discussed the complications in involved in BMT at this age.

"Dr. Raj has given us a hope that our daughter can cured and she can lead a normal life again, what more could I wish for" - Kalpana

Why should you contribute-

The family is positive and have agreed to go ahead with the transplant despite the complications. however, the challenge right now for them is to urgently arrange funds for the surgery.

Your contribution would ensure enough funds are collected before Karthika's surgery.
Karthika's father Maruthai works as a lathe machine operator at Dago tools. Maruthai earns a meager income of 8000 per month with which he manages the household expenses and Karthika's treatment. Alongwith Praveen's school fee.  

Karthika's mother, Kalpana is an excellent homemaker and smartly manages the household expenses to ensure her daughter does not miss her medicines and treatment any month.

The family has managed to raise 3 lakhs from friends and relatives and 9 lakhs from the Government's CM fund. Let us ensure we help them in raising rest of the funds so that a young life can be saved and a family continues to stay joyful and hopeful in life.

Medical Estimate
The specifics of this case have been verified by the medical team at the concerned hospital. 

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God will Bless the child soon for a speedy recovery.

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Manava Sewa Madhava Sewa

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get well soon:)

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Get Well Soon. God Bless You.

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Get better soon.