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"We are spreading happiness, not just donating clothes." Join the "DAAN MAHOTSAV"
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"We are spreading happiness, not just donating clothes."

I was born and brought up in a village (Gondhan Khed in Maharashtra). I completed my graduation in bachelor of computer science. I currently work for Kaivalya Education Foundation in surat. Another reason would be my ground experience; I have gained through Gandhi fellowship, which has changed my perception about the community life, mental status of downtrodden people and their socio-economic base.

"Daan Mahotsav"

The main motive of this project is to provide clothes to those people who don't have shelter and whose survival depends on us. They cannot speak but their poverty and way of living speaks for themselves. It is an initiative to provide clothes to these sections of the society and help them in any way we can. I had already started a small initiative now the rest depends on our funding and the strategy we adopt is getting the clothes from upper sections of the society and those organizations willing to lend us a helping hand.

I want to provide clothes to almost 600 people and I had reached till 100 people which I had started it in the past two months near by my office and it has proved immense help to those who shiver from cold during these hardy winter months.

the support was over whelming as I got support from my fellows and those working in my organization and others outside my domain. The help provided by senior citizens was of immense help in getting old clothes and in door to door collection and thus we got huge number of clothes.

Blessed are those people who can cover their body parts and fulfil their basic needs. Yes, am talking about CLOTHES. Not everyone has the financial capacity to buy them. Let's join hands to donate clothes to the one who actually need it, for covering their flesh rather than luxury. Join the DAAN MAHOTSAV.

Summary Detail

We want to distribute following thing

Cloth Detail                                           Price                   Quantity                 Total

1) Saari(Women) -                                  200                        100                      20,000/-

2) Pant(Men and Children) -                 200                        200                      40,000/-

3) T-Shirt(Men and Children) -             200                        100                      20,000/-

4) Kurti(Girls) -                                        200                        100                      20,000/-

5) Chadar -                                              100                         100                     10,000/-

Total                                                                                                                1,10,000/-


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