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This Women's Day, I am empowering ex-Devadasi women to become independent and live their life with dignity.



Dear friends,
This International Women’s Day, I’m fundraising on Milaap to help empower previously trafficked Devadasi women become independent, through setting up their own businesses.
What is the Devadasi system?
An ancient practice in India, the Devadasi (meaning: ‘servant of God’) system
involved dedicating a girl (as young as 5-6 years of age) to the temple
Goddess. This meant that she would spend her entire life serving the temple
and was not allowed to marry anyone else. Rich and powerful men in these
communities abused the system and they began to force the young Devadasis
to sleep with them.
Over the years, the Devadasis were reduced to being incorrectly termed
'temple prostitutes'. This merciless practice, though illegal and outlawed, still
exists in certain small towns of India and its stigma continues to cling to the
women who attempt an escape. Because of the social stigma around their
roles, employment opportunities are denied to them. They are not even
respected by their own family – and sometimes, their family members are
responsible for selling them to a pimp to overcome a family crisis!
It is a vicious cycle where the children of Devadasis are drawn into this
ruthless system too!
See how a Milaap loan has helped an ex-Devadasi escape the system:
Why am I supporting this cause?
As a woman I have been able to live my life independently and with dignity. I realize that not everyone is so blessed. I would therefore like to raise money to give this opportunity to another woman come out of this vicious cycle of Devadasi system. Sughanda Kamble and Renuka Kamble are each trying to borrow 1000 USD to start their own businesses. I am trying to facilitate that through this fundraising drive.
Each one of you can help me make this possible by lending money for this good cause. You can start with lending as low as 25 USD. You will have to create a Milaap account and the pages will lead you through it. Indian rupees from India accounts or international credit card payments in USD both work.

Who we are helping

Kavita Mang and Group
Yallavva Harijan and Group
Sughanda Kamble and Group
Renuka G Kamble and Group
$2,069 raised

Goal: $2,000

Supporters (24)

Montpelier lent Rs.2,000
Dilip lent Rs.2,000
Jayesh lent US $25
Paromita lent Rs.10,000
Sangita lent US $100
Radhika lent US $100