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Ensuring MENSTRUAL HYGIENE in underprivileged women
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My name is Ishika Pandey and I am a social worker who is working with Hamari Pehchan NGO which helps the unprivileged people of our society by creating thousand of fundraisers and donations.
    We are living in extremely crucial times with Covid-19 still prevalent in various forms. Due to the lockdowns and irregular supply of goods women in India are facing serious challenges regarding their menstrual health.
Another major factor which obstructs the growth of the menstrual health awareness in India is high rate of illiteracy and various cultural and social influences.
 Though it is a natural process but from ages people have made different opinions about the process.
 In the developing world- customs, superstitions, mindsets and lack of knowledge prevent women from getting the menstrual health care they need. The most challenging issues in India and in the global aspect still remains to be menstrual hygiene.
             Only less than 18 per cent of Indian women use sanitary pads. The main reason of this taboo is because of the high rate of illiteracy especially in girls, poverty and lack of awareness. In some families menstruation is perceived as an embarrassing thing and is not even mentioned privately or publicly.
        A large number of girls in many less economically stable families drop out of school when they begin menstruating.
          More than 77 per cent of menstruating girls and women in India use an old cloth, which is often reused, ashes, newspapers, dried leaves and husk sand during periods.
Menstruation is normal and a healthy part of life and yet girls and women in India go through extreme struggles to manage their period every month.
A large chuck of the Indian population believes this natural cycle to be a ‘curse’, ‘impure’ and ‘dirty’ among other things, courtesy of the ancient myths surrounding menstruation in our country.
Menstrual health experts say the current coronavirus crisis has worsened matters further in India.                                                       The country under a strict lockdown has severely impacted production and supplies of menstrual hygiene products.
To properly educate people around us about menstruation and its associated health care our NGO has started a project called SUKHAD.
Sukhad project has aimed at providing 50,000 sanitary kits to underprivileged and poor women.
Our NGO is not only providing better health care but is also aiming to provide work to the women so that they have a livelihood and become “Atma Nirbhar”
Aim to distribute menstrual hygiene kit to 50,000 women.
1KIT will guarantee 3 months of menstrual hygiene and comfort to an underprivileged women in just Rs 350 /-
These above mentioned kits will help women properly during the menstruating days and will give them freedom to go on with their daily lives without the fear of any infection or harsh effect on their skin which can be from using cloth or leaves.
Let us all create a chain to not only educate our women but to help them kindly and with patience keeping their health in mind.

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Sukhad Kit for 1 woman = Rs.1400/-
Sukhad Kt for 5 women = Rs.7,000/-

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