A Ball can change the World

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A Ball Can Change the World

But How?
  • Rekindling the Rural Spirit
  • Reviving the Rich Culture of Tamil Nadu
  • Leading the Way Away from Addiction Toward Healthy Living

2500 teams

30,000 players

All 32 districts of Tamil Nadu

One Grand Finale!

Isha Gramotsavam is a celebration of village life showcasing the essence of rural Tamil Nadu through an elaborate display of rural games, art, drama, dance, music and food specialties. The festival is part of "Action for Rural Rejuvenation", a rural revitalization program under the aegis of Isha Foundation which has reached over 4600 villages and 42 lakh people since its inception in 2004.

“The main pastime here was playing cards, smoking and drinking. After Isha came, nobody has these habits. From little children to the elderly, people go for work, do yoga, then play games.”

Over a decade of grassroots effort has culminated into the biggest endeavor so far to celebrate the sporting spirit of rural India. Gramotsavam is not just a single event, but a multi-month endeavor touching rural villages throughout Tamil Nadu. Volleyball and throwball tournaments are conducted for men and women of all age groups from 1st June to 3rd September, culminating at the Gramotsavam grand finale.

Nagamani, now 75 years old, has been playing throwball for the past 12 years. She says her life began with throwball. Such has been her enthusiasm that now she has a daughter, daughter-in-law and granddaughter playing on the Kolapulur village team, which has been a 3-time winner and 3-time runner-up in Gramotsavams over the years.

We invite you to the 13th edition of this annual rural sports extravaganza on 3rd September, 2017, in Coimbatore.

“People are playing without any caste-creed, rich-poor distinction. The employer and the employee play together, the land-owner and the laborer playing together. Truly speaking, these games have brought us together.”

We invite you to support this endeavor to rekindle the rural spirit in Tamil Nadu by bringing sport and celebration into the lives of all,  helping everyone become “game for life"

"Wanting to win, at the same time being willing to lose, handling your victory or failure gracefully, stretching yourself beyond limits, immense focus, a deep level of involvement and respect for others – these are all traits that playing a sport inculcates in a human being.”
– Sadhguru
Sponsor your favorite team:
  • Your donation supports the full needs of one Gramotsavam village team, including sports equipment, travel and boarding, organizational costs, printing expenses, as well as trophy and prizes.
Donation to sponsor 1 team INR 1,600/-
Donation to sponsor 3 teams INR 4,800/-
Donation to sponsor 5 teams INR 8,000/-
Donation to sponsor 10 teams INR 16,000/-
Donation to sponsor 20 teams INR 32,000/- (1 cluster cost)

Know More:

Why this Initiative?
60% of the rural sector falls in the working age group. Unfortunately the rural spirit is withering away against the onslaught of unviable agriculture and non-inclusive growth. Rural youth find themselves engulfed by poverty with limited opportunities for livelihood, often succumbing to addictions like tobacco and alcohol. It is our endeavor to rekindle the rural spirit, nurture economic independence, and bring back the celebratory mode in the rural community. Isha has successfully enabled village level transformations through grass roots involvement in various aspects of rural life e.g. healthcare, education, livelihood support and skill development. Isha uses sports as a way to help kick start this transformation process, build bonds between the villagers and create the necessary foundation for all-round transformative interventions in rural communities.

Why Sports?
Sports empower individuals, transform communities and inspire populations for positive change. For Isha’s Action for Rural Rejuvenation, sport has been the key to inspiring exuberance and oneness in the rural villages. It has become a tool of transformation, weaning villagers away from addiction, breaking caste barriers within the community, bringing women out of the home and empowering them, and reviving spirit and pride in individuals and the village as a whole.

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