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Isha Chola Trophy

Isha Chola Trophy

Sports, Spirit, Celebration – Vilayattam, Urchagam, Kondattam

A Ball Can Change the World!

Isha Chola Trophy in Tamil Nadu is a model of how sports transformed individuals and therefore, the whole rural scenario. To bring about all round transformative interventions in rural communities, Isha together with Cholamandalam use sports as a way to build bonds between the villagers and create the necessary foundation.

Creating the necessary ambiance for the villagers – men, women, and children to come out and play on a day to day basis. As a result, sports, in their lives, has been the key to inspiration and growth. 

We invite you to be a part of Isha Chola Trophy celebrations in Tamilnadu, conducted on 21 December 2017 in front of the iconic presence of Adiyogi at Isha yoga center, Coimbatore. This year we have more than 4000 players from 400 teams participating in the tournament. The matches for volleyball and throwball will be held around the state in the month of December and the final matches will be held in Coimbatore.

Mark your calendars! Let's celebrate the Sporting spirit of Tamil Nadu!

It is going to be a celebration of the rural spirit showcasing the various art forms, music, dance and enticing food recipes of Tamil Nadu. We seek support from philanthropists who seek to be a part of the sporting revolution.

We invite you to join us, the event is open to all.

What Sports does?
  • Leads the way away from addiction toward healthy living
  • Breaks caste barriers, fosters friendship, unity and a healthy vibrant community 
  • Empowers women to come out of the home.
  • Rekindles the rural spirit and pride in the individual, transforms communities and motivates the population for positive change
  • Revives the rich rural culture and brings back the celebratory mood of rural community

'These 12 years of Gramotsavam have been an evolution. But I want it to be a revolution. It has changed people’s attitudes towards caste, creed, religion, and gender. The joy of playing sport is something that every human being should know. We as a nation should become a playful nation. If we are playful then many undulations and hardships will be smoothed out. This is something we have to bring back in our culture.'  – (Sadhguru’s address on Gramotsavam, excerpt)

“The main pastime here was playing cards, smoking and drinking. After Isha came, nobody has these habits. From little children to the elderly, people go to work, do yoga, then play games.”
"We have played only in our school days. This feels really good. My daughter says I am just waiting to go to the games. You won’t see this anywhere, people of all ages, from 15 to 65 years, we all play together."
“People are playing without any caste-creed, rich-poor distinction. The employer and the employee play together, the land-owner and the laborer playing together. Truly speaking, these games have brought us together.”

Contribute :
  • Gift a volley ball          INR 900/-
  • Gift a net                      INR 1900/-
  • Gift a court                   INR 3000/-
  • Gift volleyball poles    INR 8000/-
  • Or contribute as you wish to support this endeavor.

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"Wanting to win, at the same time being willing to lose, handling your victory or failure gracefully, stretching yourself beyond limits, immense focus, a deep level of involvement and respect for others – these are all traits that playing a sport inculcates in a human being.”     – Sadhguru
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26th March 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you all for your invaluable support to help us create the necessary ambiance for the villagers – men, women, and children to come out and play on a day to day basis. Sports, in their lives, will be the key to inspiration and growth as a result, leading the way away from addiction towards healthy living.

This will certainly rekindle the rural spirit and pride in the individual, transforming communities, breaking caste barriers and reviving the rich rural culture.

Isha Foundation

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Jai ho.... Let the spirit Soar...

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All the best. But too less awareness about the event