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Fund raising for our film Iravu Mudiyum Munne - Awareness against rape
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About the project

The story is quite realistic based. We are sure the audience will relate to the happenings in the video.

Sometimes when we hear about injustice, we feel it ourselves. Sometimes out of anger and frustration we wish to go that extra mile in search for justice. This is a story about a young man who goes that extra mile when he hears a news about a girl who was raped and murdered. When he realises that the culprits are high profile individuals who are beyond the reach of law, he takes the law in his own hands.

We all feel that sometimes. To control the things which we feel is unfair to someone. Our frustrations, anger, upsetness etc comes out in the form of action. Some take the step and some don't. Here the guy is taking the step and taking the control of the whole situation instead of just burying the matter like the usual news gets buried.

Why crowdfunding?

We as a group of friends had come up with this project after a long discussion,planned and wished to bring it on screen and reach out to people as it is a social awareness subject..We wanted to do this project in best way possible in terms of technical aspect as well..Personal costs are involved here,however it would be great if we can get funding apart from that too ,to ensure we give the best output. We need this fund for our last and final shoot which is happening on 29th july!

What are the risks and challenges associated with your project?

Challenges that were associated with our projects were not many but we do have some experienced people from the industry who are also involved in other work and from different places ,so getting them on the scheduled time was a bit of a work which we managed easily,rain however was the biggest challenge for all of us..We had to cancel shoot due to rain since many shots were outdoor. We had shoots on the street to see the public reaction towards it and it was quite impressive.

Why should you believe me and why should you fund this project?

Firstly we are a set of real hard working people. Each one of us, inspite of the job assigned went out of our way to ensure the work is upto perfection and which is what a a good team is all about. Secondly the subject is a really hard hitting one to reach the audience. As a society, people need to know what is happening around them and feel relatable. We are confident we have done justice to the subject in portraying it where people will definitely feel relatable.

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