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Let's help widows . Indian Army battle casualty fund.

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Everyday when we celebrate someone's birthday, marriage anniversary, there will be a family who will be remembering their household hero who sacrificed his life for the Nation, so that 1.2 billion Indians and their families remain peaceful, unaffected by the nefarious and separatist objectives of our dear friends to destabilize India.

Everyday a wife remember's her Husband, a son or daughter remember's her father, a mother or father remember's their son, It's time when nation remember's their martyr's. 

What motivated me to start a fund raising campaign 
Everyday we have listening that there have been terrorist attack.  Only terrorist attack ??. If one soldier sacrifices his life, does only one person goes ?? Whole family Mother, Father, Son, Daughter are not less than dead. Living for each other knowingly My Son, My husband, My father would never come. A soldier never thinks of all these what will happen later on, whether those tears he will left will ever be stopped ??  But we do. We can spent on unwanted materialistic things. It's time when we think about OUR widows and look after their welfare.  It's your Turn. Let's show our love for our soldiers

Here is a list of Martyr which are just few - 
1. J&K Operations ( 1948 ) - 1,104 Martyrs
2. China War ( 1962 )  - 3,250 Martyrs
3. Pakistan War ( 1965 ) - 3264 Martyrs
4. Bangladesh Liberation War ( 1971 ) - 3,843 Martyrs
5. IPKF operation in SriLanka ( 1987 )  - 1,157 Martyrs
6. Kargil Conflict ( 1,999 ) - 522 Martyrs

Money contributed through this campaign will be directly deposited by Milaap Social Ventures in the Army Battle Casualties Account opened after the URI Attack. 

"Unity is Commitment and Nation is life" - Indian Army

Want to Know about me , here's my
1. LinkedIn Profile - Dhiraj Warkhede   
2. Twitter - @dhirajwarkhede

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