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Liver Transplantation surgery for my mother

We are organizing this crowdfunding  to collect money for my mother's liver transplant surgery.

She has been suffering from liver problem since year 1992.Initially it was diagnosed as Choledochal cyst which affected the entire liver.Her spleen, gall bladder and common bile duct was removed as a result of Choledochal cyst formation in liver.

She has undergone 7 major critical surgeries during 1992 to 2010

1992 - Spleenectomy-removal of spleen as a result of choledochal cyst
1993 - Gall bladder removal as a result of further complications due to choledochal cyst
1994 - Jejunostomy - Removal of common bile duct due to frequent stricture formation resulting in stone formation leadinf to unbearable pain
1995 - Revision of jejunostomy - To remove the blocks in the liver due to gall stones formation in the liver.
1999 - Revision of jejunostomy - To remove the blocks in the liver due to gall stones formation in the liver.
2003 - bypass surgery - Bypass surgery was done to connect the bilirubin secretion through pancreas to intestine as common bile duct was already removed due to cyst.
2010 - Revision of jejunostomy - To remove the blocks in the liver due to gall stones formation in the liver.

Due to frequent hospitalization and multiple recurring surgeries we had already spent a huge amount on above surgeries  and followup medication expenses for recovery.

Due to frequent surgeries and multiple blood transfusions.My mother got affected by Hepatitis B virus and liver started shrinking in size. Despite so many surgeries the problem and the severe  pain still kept occurring at frequent intervals due to recurring blocks within the biliary ducts inside liver.

Since no more surgery is possible to stop the stone formation in liver, which is already deteriorating day by day.Doctor advised to opt for liver transformation as a permanent cure to stop the stone formation inside liver.

It is proposed to undergo liver transplantation at Kovai Medical Center & Hospital at Coimbatore,Tamil Nadu .We have already done pre-assessment test to register for liver transplantation. We are waiting for surgery on getting liver from brain dead patients.

We are not notified regarding the exact date and time of surgery as we will know only 8 hours before the actual surgery time.

The cost of surgery and post surgery recoupment expenses is estimated to be around 25 Lakhs (approx.)
Out of which we are able to mobilize 5 Lakhs from my father's savings who has retired from service now. We are in need of 20 Lakhs more for the surgery and post recovery to be done.

We are not aware of the correct date of surgery ( It may be around anytime within next 3 months ) . For the past 25 years my father had been taking care of all the stress and finances single-handedly. Since, this situation demands a huge amount of money which is beyond our reach and capacity,we appeal to you all for support and help. We humbly request you to kindly extend your support to our family and help us overcome this financial hardship.

Discharge Summary from previous surgery at Global Hospital during 2010
Discharge Summary from previous surgery at Global Hospital during 2010
CT Scan taken at Kovai Medical Center
CT Scan taken at Kovai Medical Center
Amount estimate proof
Amount estimate proof
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9th February 2018
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on my mother's health.

My mother is still suffering a lot due to liver failure with severe pain and vomiting. Though we have registered for liver transplant in KMCH , Coimbatore, still we haven't got the liver for transplantation and waiting for a call from the hospital. Only the pre-surgery medical test(Lab test, CT scan, MRI, Pulmonary function test, radiometer, echocardiogram, Stress Myocardial Perfusion Scintigraphy) taken for liver transplantation are done which is to be taken and on regular basis Liver Function Test, INR and Amonia test are taken and reported to the treating doctor.  

Thank you for your love and support. Please pray for her health and speedy recovery.


25th October 2017
Dear Supporters,

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Thank you for your wonderful support. 
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