Introducing a NEW Online Program for Technology and Computer Training

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Help provide funding to help build the website and cover the costs of beginning an education program online

My Story: 
Hello, my name is Dheeraj Kumar. I am here to ask for your help because we want to start website where offering professional Online Education Courses, as well as a website geared towards freelancers and those looking to purchase their services.
My online education program will offer a number of technology and computer-related courses, including how to build and manage anti-virus software and anti-virus programming. As a non-profit online university, there will be no cost to our students and any money that is collected by our university will be used towards providing better courses and training, not lining the pockets of our employees or stockholders.

Who We Are: 
Together, the members of our company have over 12 years of technology experience, along with over 9 years of market knowledge.

Why Is it Important to Fund Our Project?
Today’s technology is become so advanced and moving so quickly, in order to use it, most people are in need of training. The highest-paying fields right now incorporate advanced levels of technology and computer skills, including programming, website building, and web security.
Over 60% of the people in the world are struggling against joblessness, or simply do not have the credentials necessary to move forward or transition into a different field altogether. This can result in a stagnant economy. Our goal is to give people a better chance to become trained in the most technologically advanced fields in the job market day, and hopefully give them a leg-up in the job search journey.
Our company is dedicated to providing non-profit support to lifelong learners looking to enhance their education with computer and technology training. Funding our project means we can provide these classes at no cost to our students, providing them a quality education that they can actually afford!
But donating to my campaign you are providing me the funds necessary to provide others around the world an opportunity to become educated in the courses that will matter the most to them in their lives, and provide them at no cost to the student. Not many online education programs can offer to do this, and that is why we need your help!
How Are We Unique?Many online universities offer similar courses, but most of them are expensive or are simply unqualified to provide these services. Because we offer our courses for free, we are allowing students to take an opportunity for their education that is unavailable anywhere else. We will guide our students through the process of taking the courses that will mean the most to their education and future careers, and hopefully help them find a new worthwhile career in the long run!

What I Need: 
We can’t do this without your support! We are seeking funding in the amount of $3000 so we can begin working on building our online education courses as well as our freelancing website. In order to complete these goals we will need to use the funds towards hiring web designers, paying for advertising, and the cost of marketing our site.
Any additional funding we gather from this crowdfund campaign will go towards speeding up our timeline, and helping us reach out to more potential students that need our help.
To thank our generous backers for helping our campaign, please see the list of rewards! Even just a $5 donation will earn your name a spot of honor on our website! The more your donate, the more you’ll get back in return!
Please donate today!
Other Ways You Can Help:
If you are unable to make a donation at this time, there are ways you can still help my campaign! Please take a few moments to share my campaign information with your friends and family via social media, email, and word of mouth! With your help we can share the news about our new online university, and start gaining the funding necessary to start offering courses in the next few months!
Thank you in advance for your support and generous donations!

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