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I am fundraising to streetBuzz
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Need Rs.76,00,000
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    Souvik Chatterjee

Why am I fundraising?

Through this plan, I can transform the lives of thousands of poor which you will understand if you can just carefully go through my plam specially the social welfare part. Through my plan they will become independent just not for one generation but for generations to come. So I would request you to kindly give 10-15 min to it.
  • I want to develop an app and a website through which people can book or register their names for a bus ride like for day-to –day purposes like going to their office etc. They can also book via phone call.
  • So through these day-to-day commuters can opt for my comfortable bus ride service(both ac & non-ac) instead of that  public transport in which there is no guarantee whether they will get a seat or not and they have to travel standing which makes them more tired.
  • Here people can also track the movement of their booked bus, so no need to wait and wait to board the right bus. Now you know when your bus is coming.
  • And as the bus will be completely tracked it will be safer also and we will also tell the passenger the name of the driver and the registration number of the bus.
  • Moreover, we have decided to develop a special link that if anything wrong happens, that link will directly inform the police station nearby.
  • My bus service will also be affordable at more or less the same price at which they travel everyday. Our buses will be in the range of 20-40 seats and under 20 lacs(INR) tourist bus type.
  •  We will first launch it in 1-2 route(s) and depending on the success we will expand it to other routes also. Then we will invite other people who want to give their busses to us for a fixed income. Thus by this we will operate like a bus aggregation company.
  • We will charge around Rs2 and Re 1 for A.C buses & non A.C buses respectively for every 1 km they travel which is approximately the same as they travel by any public bus but we will give a confirmed seat for every passenger.

Social Welfare Schemes:-

  • After we are established successfully, i.e around 12 months after the launch, we will offer guaranteed loans to all the poor, unemployed people whoever wants to join us at 100 percent of the on road bus price.
  • We will also go to the rural areas and try to find out the people who will actually get benefitted from this scheme. This will guarantee an income for the unemployed youth. Through this scheme we will also earn profits through the interests on the loan amounts. So this scheme will benefit thousands of families over the next couple of years. It will also give employment to many drivers as our business grows.
  • Not only the bus owners and drivers will get benefitted but their family will also be benefitted as we will give Education to their children in good schools through a small amount as fees taken from them.
  •  We will also develop a money management and Insurance schemes for the poor and uneducated who have joined us and will teach them and ask them to invest in Insurance Schemes & Money Market Schemes and bonds which will secure their lives and also their loved ones.

What do I plan to do with the funds

  • Around Rs 76 lacs(INR) is needed to start this venture which can be given in 2 rounds.
  •  As per my research around Rs 36 lacs(INR) will be needed to build a complex app for booking purpose and a company website and to build a backup for all this and in the infrastructure. So in the first round of funding I need around Rs 36 lacs(INR).
  • For the second round I need funding for buying of 1-2 buses which we have to do for the publicity of our company. A considerable amount has to be paid to the marketing company to develop our marketing strategy and to the bookkeeping service provider. Some amount is kept intact in case of any emergency and also as working capital. So in this round I need around 40 lacs(INR). 


Market Opportunities:-

Till now there is no competition in this type of business field in this area, i.e Kolkata, and also in many parts of India where there is a complete chance for this type of Business to flourish as there is no or very little competition. And believe me many people will love to travel by us and will accept us as they have accepted other cab aggregators. So this type of business will always have demand because India is highly populated country and thus there is huge market for this type of business.

As I am giving an example in my area (in around 1-2 Km radius) there are around 2000-3000 people who travel by A.C Buses but many times they don’t get  a seat, which makes them very tired. Then there are old aged people who will definitely love this type of concept. I have personally talked to some of the people and they really loved the concept.

Marketing Strategy:-

I have been talking to a leading marketing and accounting company here which have shown some interest in this project and they assured me that they will develop a marketing strategy to reach out to more no. of people and it will also provide the bookkeeping services to us. The marketing team I have chosen is very experienced and has a name here so I have complete faith in them.

The main focus will be the office goers and as such we have thought to get tie ups with many offices and we will also try to reach to the employees working there.

Exit Plan:-

I am very excited with this plan and I have been thinking of this Idea for over 1yr now so this has become a dream for me and to fulfil this dream I can work even 24 hrs a day but definitely we have to think otherwise also. So if this plan does not work then I have thought to convert these busses as long distance tourist busses and convert the company into a travel and tourism company regarding which also I have talked to that marketing company and they will strategise this also.

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