Miracle Baby Born After 3 Miscarriages Is Fighting To Survive

“He is born after 3 miscarriages, I was waiting to hold my baby and now, I can’t even feed him. It feels like even he is slipping away.

Ida and Prabhakaran had only one dream, to create a family. For 7 years they tried but failed attempts discouraged them. Their desire got stronger over the years, even after 3 miscarriages. Finally, a miracle happened. They had a baby boy. He was born prematurely, but Ida was confident that he would make it. Unfortunately, months after he was born, Ida's son is still on a ventilator, struggling to survive in this world.

He had respiratory problems and was struggling to breathe
Ida’s baby was born premature, with an underdeveloped respiratory system. Even now, his lungs are not functioning properly. He was only 1.3 kgs when he was born. He was moved to the NICU almost immediately after birth, and although it has been nearly 3 months, he needs intensive treatment to recover and go home.

I was always anxious about this birth. Having lost 3 babies already, I was praying that I get to keep this one. Once we crossed the second trimester, I was hopeful. Just as my third trimester began, things turned upside down again

Fate has been playing games and now it has its grasp on this baby
Prabhakaran and Ida were determined not to give up on their dream to have a family. 7 years and 3 miscarriages were tough on them. This was their last attempt to have a baby. As the third trimester began, Ida fell sick with severe diarrhea and nausea. She never thought it would affect the child, but within days, he had to be delivered by C-section.

Ours was a love marriage. Our families did not approve and they have severed ties with us. We have been alone all these years, even through the tough times. This feels like the worst time. Ida has not recovered from the C-section. She wants to be near our son. Traveling takes a toll on her. Her mother refused to come take care of either of them. We don't know what to do.

How much can a driver earn?
Prabhakaran is a driver and he is struggling to meet all expenses with his meager income. He knows that Ida needs treatment and a shoulder to lean on, but funds take precendence. Even if he works day and night the next few months, he can't arrange for the funds to save his baby. He is physically and emotionally exhausted.

“My son's face is all I can see. I am worried that my wife may fall into depression, but I don’t have any words to console her. I’m working hard, and have borrowed money from all my friends, I don’t know what else I can do. We both can't lose him.”

How can you help
Prabhakaran has already spent around Rs 7 lakhs on treatment and Rs 2 lakhs for medicines. He needs Rs 10 lakhs more for the treatment. The baby will need another 3-6 weeks of hospital stay for recovery. Ida and Prabhakaran have nobody else in this world to call their own.

Your contribution can save this little one's life and give this couple a chance to have a family.

Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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2nd March 2018
Dear Supporters,

Here is a quick update on Idas baby's health.

He was treated with high frequency ventilation and he has recovered well and is off respiratory support.
He is now being treated with minimal oxygen.

Oral feeds have also started for him.

There is still a long battle to fight and your support means a lot.
Thank you for the support and love you all shown towards him.

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