Idas new-born baby was born prematurely and is struggling to survive

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The 3 months premature Ida's baby is alive now because of ventilator support and the tubes in his lungs. For the baby to live without these machines his parents need to continue the treatment even if it financially ruins them. Ida and her husband Prabhakaran desperately need help saving their son.

Ida's baby was born premature with respiratory problems

Ida’s baby was born premature, with an underdeveloped respiratory system. Which means even now, his lungs are not functioning properly. He was only 1.3 kgs when he was born. He has been in the NICU since his birth and is expected to continue treatment for a few more months.

Ida had a baby seven long years after her marriage

Ida delivered her baby after a wait for seven long years and three painful miscarriages. She had not dared to believe she would carry full term when she got pregnant with this baby. It was only when she crossed her sixth month and her baby was confirmed to be healthy she she finally start to hope. Unfortunately, by the seventh month, things took a turn for the worse. Ida fell sick with severe diarrhea and nausea. She was admitted to hospital and she never thought that this would affect her child.

Ida has not recovered from her pain but she has no other choice but to look after her baby
“He is born after 3 miscarriages, I was waiting to hold my baby but I can’t even feed him. After going through so much and finally seeing him, I can’t imagine losing him. It is so painful to see my baby struggling to breathe, I’m desperate to hold his hand and let him know that I’m there for him” says Ida.

Prabhakaran and Ida ‘s families did not support their marriage. Since then, they have both managed everything on their own. They have been alone through the miscarriages and even the birth of their child. This feels like the worst time of their life. Ida herself has not recovered from the c-section, but she wants to be with the baby. While Prabhakaran is running from pillar to post to arrange money for the treatment, Ida is waiting all alone in the hospital for her baby to recover completely.

They have no one to support and have exhausted all their savings

Prabhakaran is a driver and he is struggling to meet all expenses with his meager income. He knows that his wife Ida needs treatment and someone to be with her now, but he knows he has to focus on arranging for money. Even if he works day and night the next few months, he can't arrange for the funds to save his baby. He is physically and emotionally exhausted.

I can see only my baby’s face nothing else. I am worried that my wife may fall into depression, but I don’t have any words to console her. I’m working hard, and have borrowed money from all my friends, I don’t know what else I can do. We both can't lose him.”

Baby is expected to be in ICU for few more weeks, parents cannot afford treatment

How can you help
Prabhakaran has already spent around Rs 7 lakhs on treatment and Rs 2 lakhs for medicines. He needs Rs 10 lakhs more for the treatment. The baby will need another 3-6 weeks of hospital stay for recovery. Only your contributions can save this young life.

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Estimation letter

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