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Give an ex-Devadasi woman access to financial independence.



*Update: Thank you so much guys! You're awesome!! We hit our initial $1k goal in a few hours and decided to raise it by another $1k to fund more women :)
Because little girls shouldn't be forced into a life of sex work in the name of religion.
Because economic opportunity helps break the cycle.
Make a small business loan. It'll get repaid to you in full in monthly installments over a 12 - 18 month period.
Rohini and Zi are fundraising to provide seed capital (via to ex-Devadasi women in India to run their businesses.
Who are Devadasis?
Devadasis are girls (as young as 4 years old) "dedicated" as temple servants to Indian goddesses. While it originally gave them high social standing, the system was abused by the rich and powerful, and the girls were forced into prostitution. You'd think it only happened in ancient India. But the outlawed practice which forces girls into a life of sex work in the name of religion, continues. The system is now a means for poverty-stricken parents to unburden themselves of daughters. There is an estimated 250,000 girls and women in Southwestern India still dedicated to their local temples.
Getting out of the system
Some ex-Devadasi women escape the system but are met with prejudice and contempt. The very people who put them in the system shun them. They have very little education and barely any skills sets to work and support themselves. These women sometimes have no other option but to put their daughters into the same system that broke them.
Financial independence, economic opportunity, and the ability to generate income is critical for these women to get out, and stay out of the system. It gives them greater power to decide their fates and the fates of their daughters.
Make a small loan. Change the future of generations of women.
Provide a little seed capital to ex-Devadasi women to help them start small businesses such as tailoring, rearing livestock, and running small shops. These businesses help them fund their children's education, provide for their families, and live a little bit better. It offers their children a future, helps integrate them back into society, and break free of the vicious cycle of prostitution.
Your loan will be repaid in full in monthly instalments. You can either choose to take out the money, or re-lend it to other ventures.
Who we work with + who distributes the funds
We're fundraising with Milaap - a company that aims to change the way people fund and impact communities.
Milaap works with field partners such as MASS who provide financial support and training to former Devadasi women to start small businesses.
Milaap -
Who are we?
Aziza Sheerin works with a global not-for-profit accounting body to help develop partnerships and engage public and private sectors in emerging markets in Asia to promote accountability, corporate governance, ethics, and financial education.
Rohini Ramnathan is a radio presenter and program manager with Singapore's first Hindi radio station. She is also the co-founder of Bombil Times, Mumbai's independent curated guide of events in arts and culture.

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