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This Father of Two Will Lose His Limbs If Not Treated Urgently

Neha (31) and Hiren Gor (35) used to live a very happy life. It was when their life was charred by a tragedy that they realise how perfect their small family was. A month back, Hiren was diagnosed with a rare disorder that changed the entire course of his life.

Hiren Doesn't Speak, or Move His Legs
Hiren has GB syndrome -- a rare disorder in which your nerves are attacked by your body's immune system, eventually leading to paralysis. He was diagnosed with the disorder about a month back when he went to the hospital for pain in both of his legs.

"It almost felt like a paralytic attack. The doctors said he had GB syndrome. We hadn't even heard of the term before, I don't know why my husband got it. We immediately admitted him to the hospital started treatment. But despite that, it began spreading and his health deteriorated. Over the next few days, his liver, kidneys, and lungs were affected. He had to be put on the ventilator for few days as he was finding it difficult to breathe," recalls Neha.

As of now, Hiren can't move both his legs and one of his arms. He is not speaking and is extremely weak.

Hiren and Neha attending a family function before he was sick

"Our kids are scared seeing their father like this. They know he is not well, but don't understand the gravity of it. They keep asking me when would we bring him back home? They want to hear it from him but he cannot speak," says Neha. 
Family of Humble Means
Neha and Hiren have two kids together, 9-year-old daughter Krishna and 5-year-old son, Vyom. Both are in school and their father's medical condition has left them shocked. Before Hiren was diagnosed with GB syndrome, he worked as a freelance insurance agent. Neha too had a full-time job in a small company.  

"My husband has been sick for close to a month now. I had to leave my job for him. Which private company will give that much leave? Now we have no source of income, but only increasing expenses. Both the kids go to school and my husband's condition is also getting worse day by day. The hospital bill keeps mounting and we are struggling to even make ends meet," says Neha. 

The estimated cost of entire treatment in Rs 6 lakhs, but given the multiple complications that Hiren has been undergoing, his hospital stay is likely to be extended beyond what was planned originally.

"We have asked everyone for help. Our friends and relatives have helped as much as they could and we are grateful for that. But that is not enough. His daily medicines alone cost Rs 50,000 and it has been close to a month since we brought him to the hospital. I don't even want to total the pending amount in my head - I know there is no way we can pay. But I have to arrange for funds as soon as possible if I want to see my husband healthy again," says Neha. 

How Can You Help?
Neha is doing everything in her power to save her husband and bring him home. But owing to his needs, she had to leave her job and look after him full-time. This has strained an already difficult financial position. Neha and her family have no source of income and the hospital bills keep mounting. Your support can help Neha to look after her family in this difficult time and help her husband live again.

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Doctor's letter
Doctor's letter
MRI report
MRI report
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20th March 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for all the wonderful support that you have shown towards Hiren. He is ok now and on his way to a speedy recovery. He was discharged on 20th Feb 2018.

We are sorry that we are soo late to post an update. He is having regular physiotherapy and is able to walk and do most of the daily chores. The doctors have said his motor skill will be a bit week for sometime but with regular therapy he will pull thru to a complete recovery in a couple of months. He will be starting a job too after a couple of months.

And again thank you to everyone who helped us and stood with us in this time of need. We pledge that we will help people in the future to give back what we got from you.

Neha Gor.
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God Bless Him with Speed Recovery.!

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Got bless with speedy recovery