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We Have Nothing Left To Save Our 3-year-old From Cancer

She thinks everyone’s going to give her an injection. If she sees a doctor or nurse even passing by, she starts crying. She’s scared all the time and her heart beats so fast because of the fear. The past one month has been the most painful for our little girl.”

Heemateja’s (3) day begins with several medicines and occasionally her favourite plate of idlis. If there’s anything that takes away the pain of cancer, even momentarily, it’s the joy of eating the food she loves. Unfortunately, Heemateja’s happiness is short-lived and her cancer, relentless. In no time, she’s back to crying in excruciating pain. The only thing that can put an end to her suffering is chemotherapy. Unfortunately, Srikanth and Mamatha are struggling. They don’t know how they’re going to continue her treatment without losing everything they have.

Heemateja’s cancer was detected in time, she can be saved with chemotherapy

Ever since her cancer was diagnosed one month ago, Heemateja's little body has been pierced with needles countless times. It all began with a fever that refused to subside even after medicines. Srikanth and Mamatha took their youngest from their home near Bellary to Bangalore to get more tests done. As shocking as the diagnosis was for the terrified parents, there was hope – Heemateja had been taken to the hospital just in time, she can be saved.

As soon as we heard the doctor say cancer, we thought that there was no way out. We’ve heard about how dangerous this disease is and thought our daughter’s little body couldn’t handle the fight. But the doctor said that she can make it if she gets timely treatment.”

Heemateja needs to continue chemotherapy for the next 4 months to make it. The doctors are positive about her recovery, but Heemateja can beat cancer only if her parents can afford the treatment she needs.

Her father is struggling to save her on a taxi driver's income 

It’s taken Srikanth years to finally start saving little amounts for both his daughter's education. His father, an alcoholic, died years ago, leaving him and his mother drowning in debts. It took Srikanth years of hard work as a taxi driver to finally clear all the debts and start giving his wife and kids a decent life. Unfortunately, his mother had a severe heart attack 5 months ago for which he spent nearly 2 lakhs on her surgery. Now, Srikanth has nothing to save Heemateja.

Everything I’ve spent on her treatment has been borrowed. I borrowed a little from my boss and a little from relatives. I have no savings of my own. It’s so difficult to think that I’m the one standing in the way of my daughter’s recovery. I wish we weren’t so poor. My daughter has to pay the price for my downfalls.

How You Can Help

Heemateja has started chemotherapy and needs to continue getting treatment for another 4 months, along with medications and injections. No matter how hard he tries, Srikanth can’t afford the 3 lakhs needed to save his precious daughter. Heemateja can be saved from blood cancer, but she needs your help to make it.

Your support will save Heemateja’s life.

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18th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your wonderful love and support.

Unfortunately, with inexplicable grief, we're having to inform you that the baby passed away. The blood platelets kept plummeting which kept worsening her health. She was unable to cope with the treatment and left us.

Thank you, everyone, for being so supportive.

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16 days ago

Please take good care of the child.

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28 days ago
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29 days ago

Get well soon.

Sudarshan donated Rs.500
29 days ago

Get well soon choti

30 days ago
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about 1 month ago

God save her!!