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If you’re reading this message right now, it means three things. First, you can read English. Second, you have a smartphone or a PC or both. And third, your parents understood the importance of Education. Unfortunately, millions of kids of our country don’t have any of these three.

Wouldn’t you like to help such unlucky tiny tots of Banaskantha, Mehsana, Anand Etc.so that they can be read & write like you? Wouldn’t want them to live their lives on their own terms? Wouldn’t you like to help them? Well, you certainly can. How? All you have to do is send us the stuff that can be helpful to these underprivileged children. You can send us pencils, erasers, pens, notebooks, school bags, water bags, and whatever you want to. Want to send us one thing? Good. Want to send us many things? Good.. We assure you that the money will go in the right hands at the right places.Please share this message to 10 people. ‘Together We Can’.
Distribution at Ropad school
Distribution at Ropad school
Distrbution at Gandhinagar district school
Distrbution at Gandhinagar district school
Divybhaskar coverage
Divybhaskar coverage

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