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Make Sankranti special for families in rural India with a small loan



Meet Samina Bibi. Married and mother of two. Today, she is responsible for feeding 9 mouths. Living with her in laws, she comes from a community which is not supportive of women stepping out of their homes.  But things took a turn for worse when her husband’s disinterest in family matters and his neglect of their farm led to months of hunger. The family’s sole income was their farm. One bad harvest meant having no money for the next six months.

Seeing her kids starved and being on the verge dropping out of school, she decided to take matters into her own hands. "I have never questioned my faith in God or the rules of my religion. Would He really be okay if I let my kids starve when I am capable of doing work? It is after all God's grace that our lands are fertile,” she thought. With a heavy mind and after multiple meals of boiled potatoes with rice from a bad harvest, Samina decided to “cross the line”.

She applied for a loan of Rs. 15,000 from Milaap and decided to till their land. The loan was used to purchase good quality paddy seeds and manure. She also invested in fertilizers and pesticides to protect the crop. Her day would start as early as 5 am. Since she was the only one working on the farm, she had a plan. Her elder daughter and brother-in-laws also pitched in. To pay off the installments, she took small stitching orders and saved what was earned there for weekly repayments

Small towns in India are filled with young, hardworking women farmers. They make the best of the limited opportunities and resources available to them. Their success inspires more people around them to do something similar. BJS and Prayas has been helping enterprising locals in West Bengal and Gujarat to become self-sufficient. The micro credits help them start fresh despite a bad harvest and makes them feel like they can take care of their families. 

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