This 11-Year-Old Is Racing Against Time With A Block In His Heart

A doctor first told me 8 years ago, that my son Vinay has a block in his heart, it made me so nervous, my hands were trembling. I work as a peon in a school, and earn around Rs. 10 thousand a month to run my household and educate my 2 children.

His doctors helped me keep my son alive so long

My 3-year old had a block in his heart. There was no way I could afford treatment or save him, but that doctor consoled me, and told me we could regulate the heart block using medicines. He treated my son for very little money, and kept him alive so long with medicines, knowing my financial limitations.

He is 11 now and does not talk or smile much.

It was getting better with medicines, but with every passing year, the effect started wearing off. As my child grew, it troubled him more that he could not play like other children could. He would get breathless too soon. He is 11 now. He does not talk much, or smile. It still hurts him.The problem is growing as my boy does. The blockage has gone up to 70%. The breathlessness has started interfering with his daily activities.

 "I feel so scared I keep my hand on his chest while sleeping. What if his heart stops beating? What if I do not get to know immediately?"

A surgery cannot be avoided now

Now, only a surgery can save my son. If he is operated now, he can have the normal life he has always longed for.
His life is in constant threat. The heart-block is increasing slowly, and can take him away any time.
The surgery would cost me nearly 2 lakh. With my income, I cannot afford the surgery that can keep my son alive.

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Estimate letter from the doctor
Estimate letter from the doctor
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16th October 2017
Dear All,

Thanks for your support,

Vinay went with successful heart surgery on 13th October 2017. Now he has been discharged from the hospital in stable condition. His heart starting doing normal function. According to treating doctors his life is out of Danger.

Child Heart Foundation
5th October 2017
Dear Donors,

Vinay's condition is under control. He was on medications and is stable now. There have been no complications so far.
We are scheduling his surgery next week and he will be admitted by either Friday or Saturday.

Thank you so much for the support. Please pray for his recovery. We will keep you posted on the progress.

21st August 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thanks for your response towards Vinay. I would like to inform you that condition of Vinay at present is stable. He is under the treatment of Dr. Vikas Kohli who had done his Echo last week and said everything is controlled.

Kindly keep him in prayers. We will keep you posted on the progress.
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