Let's Help Vijay Walk Again!

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Vijay is a 20-year-old who lives near our children’s home (orphanage) in Bogadi, Mysore. He lives in a very low-income area with his father. Vijay’s father has no education and earns money collecting plastic and paper. Mother died several years ago. Although a youthful 20 years old, Vijay can’t walk.

After his mother died, Vijay went to live with his grandmother in Tamil Nadu, where life was not so happy. We are told that, six months ago, Vijay’s grandmother said something to Vijay and Vijay then poured kerosene on himself, setting his legs on fire in an attempt to commit suicide. He survived, but since then has not been able to walk.

Vijay’s dad, Devendra, brought Vijay back to Mysore about a month ago to take care of him. Life is difficult for Vijay and dad because Vijay needs help with everything. Mostly, he sits or lies down at home all day when dad has to go out to earn money. At least Vijay’s aunty lives a few doors down and helps them with meals.
We took Vijay to our doctor friend nearby, who said that he has “frozen knees” and his leg muscles have atrophied from lack of use. The plastic surgeon said that Vijay needs two operations to get his legs moving again, and then he’ll need months of physical therapy.

Vijay wants to walk again and he and dad are ready to do the hard work, so we are asking for your support to help Vijay walk again.
Funds collected will be used to pay for:
  • Two surgeries (knees) and hospital stays (approx. Rs. 30,000 each)
  • Physical therapy (approx. Rs. 20,000)
  • Basic necessities for a few months (approx. Rs. 4,000 per month for 6 months)
Let’s get Vijay walking again!
Estimate from doctor
Estimate from doctor

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