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Help These 3 Children to Get Good Education
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    This fundraiser will benefit

    Prachi Laksh and Prince Bhatt

    from New Delhi, Delhi

Let Prince, Laksh and Prachi go to school in short terms.

Please help these 3 kids to get a good education.
They already went through a lot and still they feel the drive to study hard.
Because every child needs a good education.
And when they are grown up and have jobs, they want to help people too so that others
also get a chance in live.

We introduce you

Prince (9 years old) Laksh (8 years old) and Prachi ( 5 years old) come from Kathputli
colonny in New Delhi.
They were born there and lived there with their families
But suddenly the government broke down the houses and destroyed the whole
Thats something you don't understand as an adult but when you are a child its really

Their lives were upside down. Lost everything.
Prince, Laksh and Prachi like to go to school.
They like school and studying  very much.
But they cannot go.
School costs money and specially when you want to go to a good school for a good
And that they don't have.

This is Prince.
He is the eldest of these three kids and 9 years old
He likes to study very hard. He wants to learn everything what's possible.
He loves music and should like to play an instrument.
So heshould like to become a musician and go to a conservatory when he grows up. Studying
and making music is his biggest wish to do.

This cool boy is Laksh. He is 8 years old.
He  likes studying also. He wants to learn a lot. He also likes sports like taekwondo an karate.
 But also dancing and acrobatics. He could become a great sportsman maybe or a
sports teacher. He tries everything he sees and loves it
This is Prachi. The youngest and a lovely girl.She is 6 years old.
Prachi also like dancing. But she always loves to sing. She is singing a lot.
So maybe she wants to get an education like a conservatory to become a singer or a
musicalstar. Goiing to school would be fun. Learning reading and writing and all things like
These children first went to school but after the destruction of the colonny they cannot. Their families lost everything so they needed a lot.
Because their parents want to offer them a better future they need the money to send them to a good school where they get the best education. But they are from the lowest kaste and then its very difficult.
Then the children can learn english also which makes it more possible to study abroad when they passed high school.

But the base for all 3 children has to be good and thats elementary school and highschool.
Thats the start
And when they are well educated they can help others in India to get a better future.
Cause maybe they become a doctor, police officer, fireman, hairdresser or nurse.
Laksh says: I like studying but now I cannot go to a good school and I miss that.
I want to learn english too. So than I can understand education in another country when I
am growing up.

Every child needs and must have the right to get good education.
So please will you help these kids so they can go to school and so they can build a future.

Why we ask you to donate.
We ask you to donate because when these children can go to a good school and get a
good job when they are adults, they can help others.
Thats important that also children of poor people can study so they get a better future. They come from lowest kaste and this can make it possible for them too to study. 

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