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Help 11-Year-Old Somitha Fight Cancer

My name is praveen kumar I want help from you all to save my neighbor  Dontamsetti. Somitha ,D/O D.Ramu,age 11 years,taking treatment in NRI Hospitals,Guntur.
She is suffering from the diagnosis of " B Lymphoblastic  Leukemia" (cancer). Her family was very poor and they don't have the money for treatment..please donate some fund to save the GIRL CHILD.  She is very good at education, and every day she is asking her parents, when will i go to school. But her parents have no answer, so please save the girl child..and donate some money as your wish and make her wish to go school soon....

for more information regarding the treatment please go through the uploaded document,which consists of all the medical reports,estimation letter,and all  tests ....

Just donate your one day of personal ,entertainment , fun or outside food expenditure to SOMITHA.....because  "small penny may not effect our life but it can save her life"  

thankyou inadvance - every "DONAR"
recent test reports
recent test reports
induction sheet of somitha,about drugs & medicine for daily treatment
induction sheet of somitha,about drugs & medicine for daily treatment
I am Dontamsetti. Somitha, 11 years old,please Save me from cancer..
I am Dontamsetti. Somitha, 11 years old,please Save me from cancer..
somitha recent pic
somitha recent pic
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9th November 2017
Dear Supporters,

Good news for everyone. Somitha is recovering slowly and completed all the treatment and medical tests in hospital and lab. We got a positive update from the doctor about Somitha's health status.

1 week back doctor completed Bone marrow aspiration test and MRD tests to check the final report on leukemia cells which are present in the body and that day he said to us, if the final output result comes as 0.00-0.01 means disease under control and no need to go for any treatment in hospital, oral medication for 17 months is enough.

Yesterday doctor said that the result came as 0.01 and no need to come hospital, using 16-17 months tablets is enough to cure remaining cells which are present in the body, because compared to 1st MRD test and previous bone marrow tests, leukemia cells have reduced. From this month onwards Somitha's treatment procedure is  

1. For every 15 days blood test to check the platelet count
2. Monthly tablet change course for 17 months for one tablet, because it depends on MG (power)
3. Common tablet & syrup course for17 months

Please support and bless her for her speedy recovery and thank you for your love and support.

Thank you.
22nd October 2017
10th October 2017

Dear Supporters,

Its a good news to every supporter. First of all I would like to thank everyone for supporting Somitha to fight her cancer. In the beginning, her parents don't even have a hope that she will survive it. But after all the support from you, they believed that humanity still exists and they asked me to thank everyone who proved that WE HUMANS still exist with HUMANITY. By god’s grace and with all your blessings,

 SOMITHA completed all chemo sessions and discharged from the hospital.

1st pic took it on last day of chemo session in the hospital and now observe the 2nd pic, I took it yesterday

Last month Somitha had to go for her final session of chemotherapy in NRI hospital, unfortunately, the duty doctor who treated Somitha from the beginning had moved to Omega hospital. And the parents decided to admit her in omega hospital for final chemotherapy protocol, because that duty doctor only knows everything about her treatment and response to the treatment. The doctor successfully completed the final chemo session.

On the discharge day, he suggested to use medicines for 18 months(4 months high dose + 14 months regular medicines), weekly injections for 2-3 months and blood test every 15 days for 2 months, later on, monthly once blood test to check platelets, WBC, R.B.C count.

At the time of discharge in NRI hospital,Hod of oncology,given 3 lakhs estimation for post-chemo sessions expenditure.,i.e 18 months oral tablets, weekly injections and lab test charges but in the final session of chemo protocol tests, doctor observed better results, so he recommended low dose medicines for 14 months tablets course and that cost could be 80k-1 lakh....2 lakhs burden has reduced to her parents
I would like to thank MILAAP Team for their 24*7 support and I especially want to mention a name i.e., Prithu(Milaap), because his support towards Somitha is unforgettable.

Once again thank you each and everyone who supported that brave child to fight her cancer. In soon her dream comes true, I mean, Again she will join in school after her complete recovery. If possible please support her for oral tablet course of 18 months.
Yesterday she went for her weekly checkup and took one-day treatment of chemo injections, the doctor gave a prescription of some high mg medicines and suggested that bone marrow aspiration test will be conducted by the month end to observe complete chemotherapy treatment results and to check leukemic cells in the body.

Somitha needs each and every supporter blessings for her speedy recovery by using oral tablet course only and without going to bone marrow surgery in future.

I hope cancer doesn't relapse again.......So everyone please do pray to god for Somitha's complete recovery.

Thank you for your love and support.
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God bless you. Get well soon.