“I don't earn enough for us to eat, how can I save my baby's life?"

Tejas is a 1-year-old with an opening in his heart that causes excessive blood to be sent to his lungs. This causes his lungs to become vulnerable to infections. The lungs also tend to fill up with fluid – affecting his breathing. 

A small operation that seals the opening can cure Tejas. His father Dharmendra is a machine operator in a small factory and is struggling to find funds that will help his baby eat, breathe and sleep normally again. 

Tejas with his parents at home

Becoming a parent has come with a price for Dharmendra and Seema

Tejas was born on a very special date – February 29, 2016. This was their first child and Dharmendra and Seema were overjoyed to welcome their first baby. In just 5 months, their happiness turned to pain because Tejas started getting very sick with chronic fever and congestion.

Dharmendra works in a factory in Haryana, but had to go back home in Bharatpur, Rajasthan to take his child to the hospital. They took the baby to Jaipur where the doctor diagnosed him with PDA - patent ductus arteriosis. Tejas' heart had an opening that causes it to malfunction pumping excessive blood to the lungs. Tejas became vulnerable to vicious infections because of this condition.

 Tejas' growth and development is harmed by the fact that his lungs and heart do not function normally

“Every month, I use up all my leave to go back home and go from hospital to hospital in Delhi and Rajasthan. Only a parent will understand the pain of seeing your child unable to sleep at night and crying because he is sick. It is a very difficult time,” says Dharmendra.

Baby Tejas is not even one, but he suffers from a terrible, panic inducing condition. He wakes up several times every night because he can't breathe and there is a choking heaviness in his lungs. Seeing Tejas suffer has made Dharmendra desperate for a way to end his child's suffering but he is helpless without funds. 
Tejas enjoys visiting the hospital and getting a chance to play with the objects there

Give this family a hope of saving Tejas

Dharmendra is the only earning member of his family. His salary takes care of his ageing parents, his younger brother and his own wife and child. He also needs to meet his own living expenses in Haryana and his meagre salary of Rs 10,000 is simply not enough.

How you can help

Trying to save on essential medicines and his brother's education, the family has gone without food many nights. They have nothing left to even spend on a simple procedure that will close the opening in Tejas' heart. Baby Tejas needs your support to live. 

Estimation letter by treating doctor
Estimation letter by treating doctor
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15th November 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Tejas.
Tejas is at home and is doing good. He has been diagnosed with Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) and is under medication for the same.
A device has to be implanted to close the hole in his heart.The device closure of Tejas is scheduled in Metro Hospital Faridabad. The doctor will schedule the surgery on arranging the funds.

Thanks for your support and love.
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