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I am fundraising to save Swati from liver cirrhosis
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My Wife Swati was diagnosed with Liver Cirrhosis and has been advised Liver Transplant Surgery and need your financial help.

We were consulting our family doctor for repeated incidents of jaundice and involuntary shaking of one hand for some years now, but when my wife’s health deteriorating the doctor advised to consult an expert at P.D. Hinduja Hospital.  The Gastroenterologist Dr. Tarun Gupta after primary examination advised some test which revealed that my wife was suffering from Liver Cirrhosis and the main cause was Wilson’s Disease which is a genetic disorder where copper gets deposited in the Liver and is not disposed from the body which gradually damages the Liver and spread in other organs.  The diagnosis was at such a later stage that the disease had already damaged major portion of her Liver and the only option left is Liver Transplant Surgery.

She was hospitalised for 7 days to become stable and is presently bed ridden at home. She is on medication and diet and we hope the infection subsides before the surgery is due.

My Wife’s sister has shown willingness to donate part of her liver which is one Great News for us and hope this goes well.

Now why she needs your help financially -  The estimated cost for the two surgeries one on the Donor and on the other on the Liver Recipient (my wife) is Rs.18 lacs approx. and then there are post operation expenses also.  I have pulled in all my savings and resources like Mediclaim and reached Rs.10 lacs; for the balance amount I’m raising money to offset/assist with the balance amount to help get the fund ready when the surgery is due.

I have around two weeks of time to get the amount ready and hope for generous help.  I request you for your help of any amount you are willing to help with.

I can be reached @91-9920858527  and rajesh13sid@rediffmail.com 

The estimation letter from the hospital is as follows

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