I am fundraising to help my brother Sunny overcome blood cancer.

Dear friends,

I hope this message reaches you and I am able to convey my concerns. My 18 year old brother Sunny Taneja is currently admitted at the Apollo hospital in Ahmedabad. He is currently suffering from relapsed Acute Lympblastic Leukemia(A type of Blood cancer). He was first diagnosed on 31st July 2015.

I belong to a middle class family and when me and my parents heard this we were completely in shock. Dr. Chirag Shah said that there is a 50% chance of long term survival and the treatment would cost around 10 to 12 lakhs and would go on for a period of 6 months. We were not even prepared for this financially. We hardly had around 5 lakhs of hard earned money and my father took an additional loan of 7 lakhs from our relatives. After a month of intensive and painful chemotherapy, a bone marrow examination was done in September 2015 whose reports showed that only 5% of the disease was left uncured. Now for the remaining disease, Sunny had to go through another batch of chemotherapy for 3 months. But, after these 3 months of painful chemotherapy sessions and regular blood transfusions, another bone marrow examination was done on 29th December, whose reports showed that Sunny had relapsed .i.e the disease had increased again to 14%. Dr. Chirag Shah said that the last and only way to cure Sunny was to do a BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT which would cost around Rs. 20 lakhs or more. This cost is very high and is out of our hands. The further course of treatment is mandatory and we are not in a situation to handle the cost of it. We are not even able to shift to a goverment hospital as proper transplant facilities are not available. Sunny is currently admitted in the stem cell transplant unit and we are almost out of money.

Considering the criticality of this situation, I on behalf of my family request you to please contribute and pray for little Sunny's soul.

I know that God will listen to our prayers. 

God helps those who help the needy.

Hopeful Brother,
Manoj taneja
Phone +91-8905325161/9468686848

Please find the medical documents here: cost estimate sheetBONE MARRO WEXAMINATION REPORT AS ON 1ST AUGUST 2015flow cytometry report on 1st august 2015MRD AS ON SEPTEMBER 2015REPORT AS ON 6TH JAN 2016 SHOWING RELAPSE
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27th September 2017
Dear Supporter,

We are deeply saddened to inform you that my brother Sunny passed away on 15th Oct 2016 due to multi-organ failure in Apollo Hospital ICU.

We were unable to update here due to unavoidable reasons. My family is very grateful to all the donors. Your contribution ensured that he was able to receive the best medical care possible. Funds raised here were utilized for his medical treatment. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts and prayers, we were unable to save him.

It has been an extremely difficult journey for my family. May the little one's soul rest in peace.

Thank you.
12th October 2016
Dear Supporters, 

We have an update on Sunny’s health for you.

Sunny is still suffering from Haemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) for which he is undergoing intensive treatment. His platelet count is very low. He being pumped with blood every alternate week. Due to HLH, his White Blood Cells(WBC) count remains low. Doctors have said that they cannot proceed with chemotherapy till Sunny’s WBC count goes up. According to Sunny’s recent reports, his ferritin is still at around 9,500, which is abnormally high.

Recent picture of Sunny shared by his brother, Manoj. 

The medication for treating Sunny’s HLH goes up to Rs 5,500 per dose. Sunny has to consume one dose per week. This, in addition to health reports, tests and other investigations, combined with supplying blood and treatment to keep Sunny’s blood cancer in check, is causing great financial strain on his family. As of today, their expenses are about Rs 12,000 per week, an amount they’re finding difficult to cope with.

Sunny’s father owns a small spare parts shop in Chittorgarh, while his mother is a homemaker. Sunny’s brother Manoj is a CA student. Manoj has stopped his education  due to the family’s current financial conditions. All of them are trying to make ends meet and save Sunny. 

Manoj says, “Our efforts are concentrated on treating Sunny right now. We are using all our savings to save my brother. The fact that his complication is further affecting his existing condition is causing us a lot of worry. We do not have the means to take care of the additional expenses. We desperately need help.” 

Sunny’s family has requested for more support from you for his treatment. 

We will keep you updated on Sunny’s progress. 

Thank you.

Team Milaap. 
6th May 2016
Hello friends.

I want to update you all about Sunny's current health. Today is Day 75 post transplant. Until now Sunny's blood count's has not improved. We are very much worried because Sunny has been diagnosed with HLH. It is a post transplant complication in which Sunny's body has developed a virus that is eating up other normal cells and stopping his recovery. His ferritin is 9879 which is 30 times of the normal level. Me and my family were all shocked after hearing this. Doctor has designed a protocol for his treatment and one round of chemotherapy has been given. His total HLH treatment will last for 2 months. Along with regular transfusion of platelets and other blood components which are very costly. Everyday we have a bill of 15000-20000. We have already spent 5 lakhs after his discharge from stem cell transplant unit. We are in urgent need of funds. Please help us by contributing whatever you can.

I am attaching his reports below.

Thanking you.

Hopeful brother
Manoj Taneja

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