You can directly impact the education of 600 kids

Late Shamrao Shripati Barate PMC School in Warje Malwadi, Pune is a Government school located in a community that is vast, scattered and complex in its own way. Limitations of the locality have been seen to clearly reflect in the educational progress of these kids. But the kids are truly motivated and hold the potential to break the barriers and catapult themselves to success.

Who am I?
Shounak Pande, a 2016 Teach For India fellow who is working with 5 other fellows, towards this dream of unleashing these kids' potential to become - critical and creative thinkers, examples of student leadership and hard workers determined to not let their situation predict their future.
At the same time, with my own experience in the field of arts - dance and drama, I wish to provide these kids with an arts education that pushes their limits and promotes their current level of literacy.

Who are the kids?
Currently, 3rd, 4th and 5th grades are TFI-intervened and these kids are miles behind of where they need to be. The school is only upto 7th grade, hence there is a shortage of time as well for the kids to sprint to grade level, i.e., the mastery they need to possess for their grade.
The current reality always widens my eyes as these kids are 2-3 grade levels behind their current grade, for example, on an average - the kids of grade 5 possess the skills and literacy mastery equal to that of a grade 2 student. Hence, if they cannot reach grade level in time - the current statistics of students in Pune may be proved again (80% of kids make it to 10th grade and of those 80% only 10% make it to college). Therefore, without the right resources and help, only 10-15 kids of the TFI intervened classroom strength of 180 might end up going to college.

What do we need?
As above-mentioned, our attempts are towards disproving and defying the above facts by integrating an arts education program, increasing the kids' access and exposure to the world that is beyond their locality and making the right kind of resources available to our kids - eliminating the possibility of poverty predicting their destiny.

 1. Enclosing the terrace of the school: To create a safe space for the kids to explore on something that they have missed out on for a while - extra-curriculars. The space has been available but unused and it holds a lot of potential to provide the kids with a dedicated space for their arts, dance-drama and PE classes. This helps in widening the impact as most of the following needs as they will be utilised by the whole school and not just TFI-intervened classrooms.
2. Funds for the DRAMA PROJECT: As mentioned earlier, the kids will be pushed to reach grade level through an arts education program that aims to allow the kids to perform a 40-min one act musical which will include - student-driven performances of dance, drama, writing, music, arts and management skills.
3. Improving classroom teaching aids: With arts material and a projector, lessons will be highly engaging and successful in teaching kids beyond textbook content, like, lifelong skills of critical thinking, comprehension, etc.
4. Making the Computer and Science lab functional again: The school has been blessed with two dedicated rooms for computer and science but currently they are not completely functional due to lack of resources. The science lab is completely shut, whereas the computer lab holds computer lessons without much hands-on practical application of theory.
5. Decorating the school and classrooms: Renovating the condition of the school and classroom walls to make the school attractive to the kids and make it into an engaging place of learning where the kids would love to come.
Why should you contribute to this campaign?
Its a unique opportunity for you to directly impact the lives of 180++ kids from low-income families who are pursuing their dreams in a low-income school. Your help could possibly change a hundred lives.

I would love to answer any questions or apprehensions in donating to the cause

Ask for an update
11th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Moving into my new role as the Student Leadership Associate for Teach For India - I am requesting to withdraw these funds to reimburse myself for the equipment I have bought for the purpose of external communications - especially social media (YouTube) - such as, a Flycam nano stabilizer, Generic lavalier microphones, Shopee phone clip holder and the Aukey 3-in-1 clip-on cell phone lenses.

Thank you for the love and support. 
9th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your love and support. This couldn't have been possible without you.

The school has ended and before the next academic year, I would like to use these funds to equip the classrooms for next year and pay off some pending worksheet and exam printing bills.

Thank you all once again!
11th April 2018
Dear Supporters,

With the fellowship coming to a close with the last 3 days in school with the students and last 2 weeks with the school staff, I wish to leave my kids with a lot of books and resources that they can use the next year and gift the school with the same.

I have already bought 50 books which I wish to reimburse through this withdrawal and use the remaining amount to buy more books and resources for my class and school.

Thank you! 
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