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Help FFAR India save the Tigers in the wild of India
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  • Hi! My name is Anupam Tripathi. I am a Social Rights and an Animal Rights Activist and I the Founder and Managing Trustee of FFAR, India - an NGO working for the protection and enforcement of Animal Rights through high impact law suits in India. My NGO i.e FFAR, India is pursuing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) before the Hon'ble Supreme Court to save the Tigers in the wild of India. This PIL is coming up for admission hearing on 23th October 2017. It is for this purpose that this fundraiser has been initiated. Did you know that in the year 1900, there were approximately 100,000 (One Lakh) Tigers in India. This number dropped to a shocking 1100 in the year 1975 in Independent India. This caused panic in the then Indira Gandhi led Government leading to the establishment of “Project Tiger-I”. Under “Project Tiger-I” for the first time, the fight for the Tigers in India began. Owing to the hard work done under “Project Tiger-I” by 1979 India had a population of 4500 Tigers in the Wild (an increase from 1100 in 1975). Incidentally, 4500 was the highest Tiger population recorded in the wild in Independent India. Moving ahead to the year 2004/2005, when there was a panic situation again regarding the Tigers in India upon the discovery of the fact that there were no more tigers left in The Sariska National Park, causing a huge national outrage. At that time a census revealed that the Tiger population in the wild in India had fallen to an abysmal 1300 only. This caused the Government of the day led by Shri Manmohan Singh to set up the“Project Tiger-II”. Owing to the steps taken by “Project Tiger-II” along with its recommendations, in the year 2017, the Tiger population has now risen to 2500 from a dreadful 1300 in the year 2005. As satisfactory as the work of “Project Tiger-II” may sound and look which made 90% fantastic recommendations which were all good and pro Tigers of India, they made one gigantic blunder in recommending that the villagers and people in and around the forest, Tiger sanctuaries and those inside the core areas and Buffer Zones of the Tiger Reserves, such persons may be regularized and hence allowed to stay where they were and shall be the eyes and ears of the Tigers and that of the forest guards protecting them against poachers. The above decision, was obviously very naive and impractical. This decision of allowing the people/villagers to stay with the Tiger in the Tiger territory has been a major cause of the 90% of deaths and killings of the Tigers in the wild of India between the years 2005 to 2017. In the last 12 years, 90% of our Tigers-a count running in 1000’s in numbers have been poisoned by the villagers in the area and hence being brutally killed. An equal number of the Tigers have been shot to death by the Forest Guards- a count running in 1000’s, in the last 12 years under the garb of “Man- Tiger Conflict”(when you will allow villagers to live in Tigers territory, what would you expect?) In the last few years Tigers have been routinely tagged as ‘Man Eaters’ and killed by Forest Guards upon their failure to catch them alive. All this is a result of these villagers being allowed to live in Tiger lands of India. What a blunder, don’t you think? India is losing its National Animal owing to the gigantic disasters committed by the ” Project Tiger-II” in allowing villagers to live in Tigers land, had this blunder not been committed, the tiger population in 2017 would have been 10,000 plus by now in 2017. My NGO i.e. Fight For Animal Rights, India (FFAR, India) through me has petitioned the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India to address this issue and eventually remove the human population of villagers that stay in the Tiger lands and sought other pro Tiger directions in the case. I along with experts in the field like Valmik Thapar and Belinda Wright are of the unanimous opinion that the forest belongs to the Tiger and not the people. Tigers and people cannot go together. If our Tigers in the wild are to have a chance, these people/ villagers must be thrown out of the Tiger’s land. Our petition in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India is asking for this and a lot more while carefully proposing a detailed plan of action to save our National pride of the Wild i.e. the Tigers of India. My NGO i.e. FFAR, India’s mission is to raise the Tiger population of India from the curent mere 2500 to a (conservative) 1,00,000 in our lifetime. Each such PIL requires funds to pay our lawyers their fee for their time, it required funds for the hours and hours of research and investigation that goes into them, they require funds for printing, postage, photocopy, filing, attestation charges, court fee etc. These funds are needed month on month to help us continue this fight zealously till we win! Kindly note that all contributions made by you to 'Fight For Animal Rights India' are counted as charity and are 100% exempted from taxation. FFAR, India is a registered and recognised Trust under Section 12A read with Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1971 recognised as a 100% Charitable Trust. This fund raiser campaign ends on 10th October 2017 so that these funds of Rs 1,80,000/- can be transferred into our NGO Account by the time the case comes up for hearing i.e 23rd October 2017. Help us help you fight your battle for saving the Tigers of India.

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