#HelpSaveRohit - Liver and Kidney Transplant, Hyperoxaluria -Type 1

I am Rohit Prasad M, 21 years old, citizen of India, writing this  letter and seeking  your  blessings and assistance to sustain my Life in this world. 
I and my brother were diagnosed with a rare medical condition called Primary Hyperoxaluria -Type 1 and we both landed up in end stage kidney failure and placed on continuous kidney dialysis. Unfortunately I lost my brother for this disease on December 28th, 2010 when he was 18.
Currently I am in the same situation as my brother was, counting my days down and fighting for my breath every day. 
At this moment, I am told by my treating doctors that my days are counted down and I will only be able to survive if I have Liver and kidney transplant done at the same time to sustain life. I also understood from the conversation that my liver is genetically not producing a substance which will breakdown the oxalate salt and excreted through the kidney without any problem. Since the salt is not broken down by my liver, it is deposited in my kidneys making them to fail. Hence doctors recommend to transplant both the organs at one sitting for me to survive.   
The estimated expense for operation and recovery will be around 60,00,000 (Sixty Lakhs) rupees(Indian Currency) and around $100,000 USA dollars. 
As I write this letter of request, painfully I am to share yet another unfortunate incidence that I lost my father R. Manimaran also few years back. He was the bread winner of the family and was struggling to get the medical help for me and my brother and for our survival. I guess he became very tired and stressed out eventually gave up on us and himself and died on 29th July 2013.
We belong to a very low income family group where our friends are relatives are also not in a position to help for my enormous medical expenses. My mother is not educated and spends most of her time taking care of me and unable to spare time to earn for our day to day living. We are currently on hand to mouth existence with assistance from our beloved relatives. 
Every day I am fighting with God for putting my mother in such an unfortunate situation of losing her husband and children one by one. Daily I am asking to myself “Will I be able to survive and be with her and be the positive hope of her life?”  
Such a transformation seems miraculous!!!!
But I cannot rest if that can be made a reality by you all. 
Again, at this juncture it is crucial I get to have the needed assistance to help get my Transplantation done or my days are numbered as per the discussion with the medical specialists. As it now my Kidneys failed and Liver also on the edge of failure. As mentioned earlier the estimated expenses for the combined transplant is averaging to 100,000 dollars. The financial crisis at the present is high for my mother and I plead to the affordable who can extend support in any form to meet this financial budgetary  constraint  and make it a reality that I live with you all together in this world. 
I humbly submit that any and all assistance in this matter will be of Godly help in making my Life conditions and crisis attended and will help my family at this stage as I am the only make surviving member fighting this SITUATION.
Needless to say “Timely Help” with funds in this case will help me to return to the society and all this assistance will be returned to the society in my life time as a token of appreciation. I will be going to more places and help more people in this situation once I am able to. And I also want to continue to train and work harder to help social assistance in any form I can do to carry on the work and establish more for my family to see some better days.
Any elaborate details in this regard including my medical treatment can be had from my Team of doctors.
Please contact the persons concerned in helping my surgery and Life caring services through online, social media and email addresses mentioned below.
Please contact them for any clarification you may need in this regard.
Thank you very much in advance for the soulful hearts helping me to get my breath back.
ULTRASOUND 1 - 06/06
ULTRASOUND 1 - 06/06
Liver and Kidney Transplant (Hyperoxaluria -Type 1) Operation Cost
Liver and Kidney Transplant (Hyperoxaluria -Type 1) Operation Cost
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27th June 2017
Dear Donor,

Thanks for all your support. Rohit has completed all his initial Lab Test including Treadmill Test(Picture Uploaded) to ensure his cardio is in good condition. With God grace and all your blessing , all the test conducted so far are positive and group of doctors are discussing on next steps. I will keep you all updated. Please continue sharing the link among your friends as we are long way to have our target.


Thank you for all your support, prayer and blessing.

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Getwell soon. May god help u recover fast.

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May God heal you fast, praying for a faster recovery. God is with you bro.

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Wish Rohit a speedy recovery.

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Wish you immediate relief.

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