A Transformer Burst And Left This 24-Year-Old Completely Burnt

Within seconds, her body caught on fire. She started running back towards her office building to save herself, but it was too late. Her back, face and hands were already completely burnt. When she finally woke up in the hospital and saw her hands for the first time, she cried uncontrollably.”

On May 11, Priyanka’s life changed forever. She was walking to the tea stall near her office when a faulty transformer burst. The oil from the transformer fell on her and she caught on fire. It took Priyanka 3 days to be able to open her eyes because of the pain. The accident had burnt her back, face and both her hands beyond recognition. Shaila and Anand rushed the hospital to find their daughter clinging to life. Helpless and heartbroken, they are now struggling to find a way to continue treatment.

A bright future burnt to ashes

Priyanka, a computer engineer, started working in a private company just 4 months ago. The news of her first job made her parents swell with pride. All they wanted was their daughter to get the education they never had the opportunity to.

She was so excited when she got a job. She called me and said ‘mumma now you both don’t have to worry so much. I will help you’ and more than anything I was so proud of her for standing on her own feet. When we saw her in the hospital, we were shocked. I couldn't eat or talk for the next few days. Priyanka was just walking past the transformer when it burst. It all happened by chance. It started like any other day for her, but in a split second, her future crumbled.

Priyanka woke up, shocked to see her entire upper body bandaged. Almost 40% of her body is severely burnt. She was terrified and depressed, but she's trying her best to remain positive. The wounds on her face are slowly healing. Priyanka is making good progress but still needs to stay in the ICU longer before she's completely recovered. 

Priyanka’s parents can’t even afford her medicines on some days 

Every day she has dressings for her burn wounds and medicines costing almost 20,000 per day. We have spent more than 4 lakhs on her treatment so far. My husband is only a small farmer and work is sparse. Priyanka’s friends have really helped us through this, but there’s only so much we can ask them to do.”

Priyanka needs to stay in the ICU for at least another 15 days to make it. On some days, Anand and Shaila don’t even have enough money to buy all the medicines she needs. If they can’t afford to continue her treatment, Priyanka won’t make it.

How You Can Help

Priyanka needs to stay under strict medical care and attention in the ICU for at least another 15 days. Her body is 40% burnt and she needs intensive care before she can start healing. Her father, a farmer, has no means to continue her treatment any longer and might be forced to stop treatment without funds. This is Priyanka’s only chance to make it. You can help her out of this nightmare and give her a new life.

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7th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Many of you have asked about the responsibility of Maharashtra State Electricity Board and their follow up actions.

We have asked MSEB to help both in this regard but they have not communicated regarding our request yet. We also have given a written application about helping as well. but the MSEB Line Inspector's report doesn't acknowledge any responsbility on their part. We also talked with MSEB officers about helping them as humanity, but they've refused to accept it so far.

2. Her colleague Pankaj has burns more than 70% . Since his village is far from being Pune so, his family could not afford treatment here and there were many difficulties, so they shifted him to his village, and his condition is still good. But the concern is returning to consciousness.

Hope this clarifies.

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