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I am pledging my birthday to support Narad Pal and the Basak community to buy handlooms


  • Narad Pal is a resident of Phulia, a small town eighty kilometers from Kolkata. Pal is a master weaver who makes smooth and extremely fine hand-woven fabric with more than 70 artisans of the Basak community for the past 30 years. He has two sons and his wife helps him with the handloom work. This genealogical business was transfered to him and his brothers by his father. The reclusive Basak community is increasing their output to around two thousand and seven hundred meters every forty-five days. For this purpose, they require more than ten looms and about one thousand and fifty kilograms of yarn to weave the fabric. With a loan from Milaap, fifteen weavers will be sustained for the next four months and will require a working capital of three lakhs.

  • Ranmir has committed 4.70 lakhs to Narad Pal and the Basak community. This loan will be used to increase the fabric output of the Basak community, who have been working with the Ranmir Foundation for more than five years and have only a handful of looms.

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