Help For Injured And Paralysed Animals

My soul sister takes care of 35 fatally injured, Paralysed and old animals and the numbers are increasing every day. She lives in a rented place and spends each and every penny she has on these animals. Her house doesnt have any furniture but has one injured animal in every corner of the house. She doesnt even have proper glasses to serve water to guests as she would rather spend that money on getting food or medicine for one of her dogs. This lady is a genuine animal lover, what us as a society should be doing , she is doing it alone by herself. She is not an NGO , just a passionate animal lover giving everything she has to these animals. Sometimes she is unable to pay her rent as well as she has spent that money for the animals and receives threats from her landlord of losing her house. This is my plea to the Indian public out there to help my sister in her journey to save these voiceless beings that have the equal rights to live in this world as much as we do.  
Please see Aman's appeal below.
# My dear Animal lovers. #
I do not run an Ngo but I take care of many streeties on my own.
I want help for all the 35 dogs and 14 cats being fostered by us.They all are rescued babies. Some are motherless, handicapped, paralysed while some are abandoned. I have been taking care of many babies since 9yrs. But now I'm facing many problems.
At naigaon I'm all alone.People bring many cases to me . Some of them even dump animals out side my house.Day by day I'm getting overloaded and overburdened.
I get help for food stuffs but it is not sufficient for all our steeties.
My family supports me in my efforts and help me in every way possible.
We feed 180+ streeties daily in our area and fill 18 water bowls twice daily.
We even get treatments, hospitalization, Sterlization,
Vaccinations done.
But we have our limitations and can't bear all expenses alone. We need your help on regularly basis.
Caretakers are not ready to work with me since I can't afford their salaries
Owner have told us to vacate the place because sometimes I am even unable to pay rent on time.I urge people to come forward and help me to save our furries.
I'm very depressed these days and feeling very insecure.
These are our monthly expenditures:-
Rent 8800
Salaries 10,000
Tanker water 4500
Drinking water 2400
Electricity bill 2000 to 3k
Food stuff for streeties is and residential 15k and 18k
Medicines 2k to 3k.
Cylinders 2960.
Treatments 6k to 10k
Help in kind or cash
Please lend us your precious help.
You can contact me at
7276287976- Aman🐾🙏🏻🙏
The funds collected with help Aman to survive for the next 4 months.
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30th May 2017
Dear Supporters,
We have some good news to share.
The blind dog which was found earlier with a lot of wounds has been treated and is recovering well.The funds raised were used for his treatment.
Also, a few cages were built for them, especially for the ones who require extra care.
The caretakers of these animals had not been paid for the past 3 months due to the lack of funds. With the help and support from everyone, they were paid this month.

Thank you for coming forward to support us. Keep sharing the campaign.

Team Milaap

24th May 2017
Dear Supporters,

These funds will be used to get the ration for the dogs and cats and build cages to house or quarantine the hurt animals. Which is a lot right now and find the split below:

Rice 450 Kgs
Atta 70 kgs
Lapsi 60 kg
Biscuits 20 to 30 box
Dog food 40 kgs
Whiskas 21 kgs
Milk 8 litre per day

Thank you for your support so far.

15th May 2017
This blind dog was found yesterday and needs immediate medical attention. Some part of the funds will be going in for his medication and food today. 
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