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Will you join me in helping million hearts stay healthy?   Read my story below to find out more! 

I investigated a novel concept that could potentially allow patients to detect silent heart attacks by non-invasively sensing the FABP3 biomarker in the bloodstream. 

FABP3 is a lightweight protein released quickly from heart muscle into the bloodstream during a heart attack, and therefore, it is an optimal cardiac diagnostic marker. 

Doctors may test a patient's blood for FABP3 if he or she experiences characteristic symptoms like chest pain. However, not all heart attacks make themselves known through easily noticeable signs. Silent heart attacks, which are becoming increasingly common, are asymptomatic, making them more dangerous than conventional heart attacks. 

Patients often "drop dead" while feeling completely normal. This collapse happened to my grandfather on July 3rd 2015 which served as an impetus for me to find a solution to this problem. In these "silent" cases, doctors are unlikely to administer the crucial FABP3 blood test because there is no visible presentation of symptoms to warrant a diagnostic test. As a result, silent heart attacks go unnoticed.

I realized that, if at-risk patients could test themselves daily for the presence of FABP3 in their blood, they would have higher chances of detecting silent heart attacks as they occur. A method that allows daily self-testing would have to be non-invasive, safe, and easy to use. Ultimately, it would have to involve a transcutaneous blood analysis, which examines the contents of one's blood without penetrating the skin. 

In searching for ways to tackle this challenging prospect, I examined the various distinguishing characteristics of blood proteins that would allow them to be identified transcutaneously. I found that proteins have distinctive masses and electric charges in blood. 

So, I used a model to test whether different magnitudes of charged electricity, when applied to a thin area of skin, would isolate FABP3 from the other blood proteins and attract FABP3 to the capillary walls. My results showed that this is true. 

This means that the technique that I investigated can potentially be coupled with transcutaneous UV-protein quantification to non-invasively measure the amount of FABP3 in a patient's blood and alert him or her of a silent heart attack.

I'm a Class 10 student from India. I need these funds now to develop my project in India and prototype it into cost efficient devices. I had previously worked with the Tokyo University of Science to get my project endorsed!

This New Year 2k17, join me in saving million hearts from deadly silent heart attacks!

Certificate of Endorsement from Tokyo University of Science
Certificate of Endorsement from Tokyo University of Science
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30th January 2018
Hi! Thank you so much for a taking a step to help a million hearts stay healthy! Your donation is going to be really helpful for me to bring my device closer to you.

I'm very glad that my device would soon be out for commercial production. Now that my technique is clinically validated at institutes of international importance, I'm working on standardising it for easier use by the public.

I recently received "National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement" from President Ram Nath Kovind for my research. The government of India is immensely supporting my research in all the possible ways!

Thank you once again! I'll keep you updated on the progress.

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