Help Mary raise money for a critical operation!

Have you ever wondered how it would feel when your life was at stake but you did not have money to go to the doctor it? A 27 year old girl from Bangalore knows that feeling too well as she struggles to scrape together money for her treatment!

For the past 1.5 years Mary has not been able to lead a normal life. Plagued by severe headaches, fever, weakness, and facial swelling, she was unable to retain her job. Her poor health condition compelled her to stay at home. During this time, multiple visits were made to different doctors but all symptoms were usually disregarded and attributed to the common flu.
Two weeks back, Mary was diagnosed with an aneurysm (a bulge or ballooning of the wall of a blood vessel) in her main carotid artery – the artery which carries blood to the brain. If not addressed, carotid aneurysms can form clots in the artery and block blood flowing to the brain. This can result in debilitating strokes that cause paralysis, brain damage or death. (Medical report has been uploaded)

Therefore, it is critical that Mary get this operation done at the earliest. However, just the operation alone costs 3.5 – 4 lakhs (Estimate of operation cost has been uploaded). Mary’s entire family (herself, her mother, and her father) is supported by her elder sister who works at a beauty salon in Bangalore. Payment for the consultation fees and tests prior to the operation itself has placed the family in debt. They currently do not possess the financial capacity to pay for an operation that is essential for Mary’s survival.

We are reaching out to you with the hope that you will be willing to donate some money – however small – so that a young girl does not have to live in constant fear for her life.
Estimate of Operation Cost
Estimate of Operation Cost
Medical Report
Medical Report
Doctor's prescription regarding the delay in surgery
Doctor's prescription regarding the delay in surgery
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17th July 2017
Hello everyone!! Many of you have reached out to us with queries about developments in Mary’s condition and we want to thank you for being so patient with us. Over the past month there have been multiple developments, and we thought it would be best to update everyone about everything in one go along with a signed statement from the doctor confirming the same.

Due to new complications in her condition, Mary’s surgery has been further delayed and we anticipate a wait of around 3 months. Given her initial condition and the urgency with which she had to be operated upon, this might come as a surprise to all of you. However, nobody had anticipated these additional complications and they have to addressed before we can proceed with any form of surgery. Many of you have already expressed concern about this delay. Hence, we are also attaching a statement from Mary’s doctor where he has tried to explain the situation in as simple terms as possible. Essentially, blockages - similar to the one in her carotid artery - have been found in different part of Mary’s body. Therefore, an attempt is being made to first address them through medication to avoid undue complications during a surgical procedure.

Mary’s doctor has been extremely supportive of this campaign and has agreed to discuss her condition with anyone who might want to know more details. His contact details are given in the attached letter. Since money is currently required to pay for the ongoing treatment, we will also be withdrawing the amount that has been raised by this campaign. If anyone has any doubts or queries, please feel free to get in touch with me at

On behalf of Lily and her family, I would like to thank all of you once again. The solidarity that was displayed during Mary’s hour of need was awe inspiring and we will be forever grateful to all our donors. Mary’s struggle is far from over and we request that you keep her in your prayers. We will always remember you in ours.
14th June 2017
Dear Donors,

Our campaign is still going strong! Even though we have reached our goal, donations are still coming in. We intend to use the additional money to pay for the post-operative care.

As most of you will recall, Mary was supposed to go for her follow-up check up yesterday (13th June) and her surgery was scheduled for the 15th. However, her doctor has postponed the surgery once more and prescribed more tests. Hence, apart from getting the tests, we are also currently seeking a second opinion on the matter and will keep everyone posted on how things proceed!

We would also like to share a small message that Mary wanted us to send to you! To watch the video, you can click on the link below. Since the video is in Tamil, the English transcript is given below the link.

Transcript: Message from Mary to all the people who contributed to her crowdfund for her operation!

Translation: "I am Mary. I thank all of you for helping me out. I've had this problem since my childhood. The doctor has explained to me what it is but I still don't understand very well. My sister has struggled a lot for me and I thank you for helping  her out. Besides thanking you, I can't say anything else. Thank you all very much"
10th June 2017
Dear Donors,

Thanks to all for your donations.
WE HAVE MADE IT TO OUR GOAL AND IT IS ALL THANKS TO YOU! Sorry for the lack of updates but the last couple of days have been a whirlwind. Nevertheless, we are blown away with all the love and support that has come our way over the past few days, especially on 6th night when it looked like Mary might have to be rushed into surgery on the 7th. Donations poured in and we were able to raise over a lakh overnight! If this doesn’t restore everyone’s faith in humanity then we don’t know what does!

When we had visited the doctor again on the 7th, we were informed that Mary’s thyroid levels are still not under control as a result of which the operation cannot be done. As of now, the operation has been scheduled on the 15th and we are hoping that her health improves by then to undergo the procedure.

She has been prescribed a strong dosage of painkillers and sleeps through most of the day. Hopefully, once she feels better, she will be able to get in touch with you! We are also going to keep this account open so that we can share updates with you until the operation has been completed!

Once more, we would like to thank everyone for their support. This has been an inspiring and humbling journey.

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