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Capacity building, sustainability growth and migration prevention program project report  in details.

Introduction - the organization help life foundation is working in the field of education and employment. We are committed to generate employment at local level and to STOP migration from hilly areas as much as possible. The organization wants to see the people of the state happy prosper well established and self reliable at financial front. The ultimate aim of the organization is to develop the hilly region of uttarakhand as the best destination to reside with the tranquility and the beauty of nature. We are working to provide employment opportunities to the women who are responsible for the existence of people in hills because the men have migrated in search of employment. Drastically fall in the density of the population of the hilly areas according to the census of 2011 is a big blow for the sustenance here. the govt. is avoiding these areas due to the less remaining population here. people has no hope of rejuvenation but we can't sit helplessly like others we have to change the scenario completely.
CHALLENGES BEFORE US – It is fact that the work of generating employment in hilly parts of uttarakhand is very challenging. If we consider the geographical, social, traditional and educational conditions. It is a big risk to initiate any big project here. The people are not skilled and educated enough to understand and cope up with the modern situation. The following are the main challenges before us if we see the unemployment prospect of uttarakhand .
1. There are not proper facilities of transportation storage, communication and the skilled manpower.
2. Only politicians and a few people are taking undue advantages of the leniency of the people.
3. Mostly organizations and popular personalities are only pretending working for society and deceiving people many times. Which is challenging to gain trust among public for this holy and genuine work of humanity?
4. People waste their mostly time in the non-profit activities due to illiteracy and lack of means.
5. No one wants to take risk to set up a venture in hills and rural / remote areas. This needs a strong will power to do so.
6. There is a great reluctance in the mind of politicians and the corporate for the same.
7. It is difficult to find a work suitable for the hills and the mostly part of uttarakhand. Mostly migrate to the other cities in search of jobs.
There are some solutions what we have to adopt to generate employment in UK according to socio, economic, traditional and geographic conditions of the state.
There is no lack of traditional workers who are continuiously supporting their families by running the businesses of their forfathers like tailoring, handicrafts, agriculture, dairy products, herbal culture, food processing etc. They have enough knowledge of their respective fields but we need to garnish them with innovative methods. They have lack of knowledge of promotion, maintaining the quality and brand of products.
We have to teach them for the same as the state and the center govt. is trying to make them capable but we are not seeing any kind of change in the life and financial conditions of the people. There are some suggestions which the HLF see as revolutionary steps to change the scenario of unemployment and dependency.
1. We have to focus on the trade which is suitable according to the conditions in UK e.g. food processing, agriculture, tailoring, apiculture, pisciculture, horticulture; herb culture may be proved as a boon for the state.
2. We have to focus a small and cottage based units of relating trades for benefiting maximum number of people of UK.
3. After establishing small units in hills. We have to encourage people for the agriculture and other activities which were a part of traditional business of UK.
4. Establishing a business merely is not a solution to tackle unemployment. We have to connect the business with local needs and demands. We have to encourage and motivate the people to use and purchase the product made by local units and should take care for the taste, quality, price and availability of the products in time.
5. We have to expend the reach of product to the other districts within UK or beyond the state boundaries.
6. We think there is no shortage of work demand and employment in the state but need to grasp and regulate the opportunities with a planned way. We need not to go anywhere else in search of jobs we have to attract the investors, traders towards our homeland to set up units at small or medium level. This helps us to work with medium level. This helps us to work with innovation and modern techniques.
7. We need to aware and awake the people to know their capacities and positive points of the work.
We are working for the women empowerment in kotdwar area as an experimental mode to know the consequences of the vision and now we are very happy to see the results are positive and quite satisfactory. Now women are busy with their work. They motivated and excited for the future. There is no shortage of work and local retailers are co-operating us and praising the initiative taken for the women empowerment. We are thinking to develop parallel industries with garment and want to develop a unit of garment in kotdwar first. That's why we need the donation for the same.  The relevant industries which can be develop parallely.
1) Bags manufacturing industry
2) Jute bag/cotton bag manufacturing
3) Decorating material manufacturing.
4) Food processing industries.
5) Washing powder/washing bar/bathing soap manufacturing.
6) Agriculture products production and growing.
7) Honey/fish/silk/flower etc. animal and plant production.
8)recycling of the plastic and polythene wastes.
Our organization is focusing on capacity building and making the women self depend employed and ready to face the challenges of life.
We visit the villages, rural and remote areas and organize awareness campaign, job fair and other medical and cleanliness campaigns for the welfare of the society and the people. We find the needy and interested women by these campaigns motivate them and make them aware for their responsibilities and duties. First of all we provide them a training of 3 to 5 months then arrange an industrial training of two months, than take their efficiency test and finally employed them on a salary according to their performance in efficiency test.
We take the orders from local schools institutions, whole sellers, retailers to provide the round the year job to these women. The most positive aspect of program is the person who wants to serve the humanity and wants to work and think for the upliftment of the lives of poor definitely co-operate us.
We run the livelihood program for around 100 women in kotdwar relating to garment and visited around 30 school of govt. we got 95% positive response from the principals who were very happy to know that we are working for generating employment at local level without any support of the funding from others.
To start this program, first we thought to go to Pauri to talk with the CEO and DEO to get the tender for the school uniform which will generate hundreds of jobs for the unemployed women instantly. But results were not according to our will the CEO said they couldn’t force anyone to buy uniforms from a single organization and the government’s policies of present education system don’t allowed to do so. But they indicated to link with school principals to take orders. We did the same and today we are satisfied that we had a very good experience and did the same as we desired to generate various jobs.
finally we are hopeful about future to change the living conditions of the poor, needy and can stop the migration which is the need of the hour. Co-operate us in our mission to eradicate the evils from society make the people employed self depend and  empowered so that we should not donate for the same all time.

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