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Support Leela's Place Foundation!

This is an appeal from Leela's Place Foundation to help pay pending vet bills for the treatment of abandoned, abused, or criminally neglected pets, and the Indian 'stray' dogs who are no longer able to live on the roads because they have met with serious accidents or whose lives are at risk if they are left on the roads.

Each of them need intense to moderate medical attention when they come in, and if they come with chronic health issues, medical attention has to continued for a long time, often for the rest of their lives.

We have pet dogs abandoned on the roads because they were ill and their former family was unwilling to spend any money to get them treated. They have cancer - anywhere from lungs, to high up in the nostril from where it spread to the brain, pancreatic cancer, liver, uterus, ovaries, testes, and rectum.

We have had dogs with liver issues fast approaching cirrhoses. There are many older dogs that come with chronic kidney failure. They need to be kept on drips for the rest of their lives. Virulent tick fever in the dogs that come to us is quite common. And of course victims of severe accidents the family themselves were responsible for, but were not willing to get them treated.

There are dogs that unlicensed breeders simply leave on the road because they are too old or too sick to have more healthy puppies. But thankfully once they are with us, they survive the odds stacked high against them and die peacefully of old age.

Some of our rescues find homes, but others spend the rest of their lives with us. Their happiness is a delight to witness. Adoption ofcourse is high priority, but there are just a few who get adopted.

We have many Indian stray dogs that come to us after gory accidents on the road. They need serious surgeries with metal plates, pins, and screws to hold their limbs together with the rest of their bodies. Somehow with complicated surgeries and blood transfusions we manage to save them and then for the rest of their lives they live happy and healthy and run around with the others without a care in the world. With us, they are no longer 'strays'.

We have 107 dogs, that is one hundred and seven such dogs.
They are all treated like pets should be. Each has a diet according to their individual needs. And there is temperature control that changes with the seasons. They have loving care from people who have a natural bond with animals.

Leela's Place is as close to a home and family as possible for pet dogs the owners thought to be dispensable, and strays who have been harmed so badly on the road that it may cost them their lives if left back again. They all get medical attention from two of the best vets in town -
our senior consultant's clinic is 30 kilometers away from us. But that is no consideration if we have to go to his clinic.

The nature of our work being as it is, we run up enormous vet bills. Our wonderful vets treat our dogs on account when we have no money. But there is never any compromise in the treatment procedure.

We've managed to save many dogs from certain death because we believed that they deserve a chance and our vets agreed.
It's a good day when we don't need to go to the vet. Every day our average vet bill is around Rs. 2000.00.
Often much more if there is complicated surgeries involved, or multiple dogs need to go at the same time.

Please help us make up our dues to the two vets we visit.
Please help us pay for the best medical care of our dogs.

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18th November 2019
The dogs are currently under treatment and are doing well. Thanks for your support

- Anoushka 
The dogs are currently under treatment and are doing well. Thanks for your support

- Anoushka 
Rs.21,727 raised

Goal: Rs.400,000

Beneficiary: Anoushka Mehta info_outline
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Anonymous donated Rs.500

May you continue to do the work that you are doing so that these strays get the love they deserve.

Ashima donated Rs.3,000

I have a little baby named Drogo and this is on his behalf for all his brothers and sisters you help rescue. God bless you for this beautiful cause.

Anonymous donated Rs.500
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