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Please Help Krishna Pandya Fight Cancer

Krishna pandiya is a 20-year-old Yong boy.His mother Kanta pandiya is a housewife and works in village for survival, and his father is a laborer in the village and very hardly earn 4500 in month. Due to the illness his families also left with them and now they are only dependent on their parents.
Both of his parents earn as much as they spend in his treatment.So it is really difficult for them to survive.This poor Youth has blood cancer and renal failure. Sometime in 2016 when Krishna pandiya developed a horrible fever that continued for days.He began losing weight, looked dehydrated and his eyes had started to pop out.The family lived in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and no doctor there was able to understand what was wrong with the poor boy.His parents was extremely worried and they travelled to various hospitals in Indore but were still unable to find a  cure for her child. After three months of travelling and spending money on tests, they finally reached CHL-CBCC-CANCER CENTER in AHMEDABAD where they received the shocking news. Krishna pandiya suffering from relapsed Hodgkin lymphoma and he need to undergo salvage chemotharepy followed by autologous bone marrow transplants.

There is a good chance for his cure.
Relapsed Hodgkin lymphoma is a rare type of blood cancer which if treated properly can be cured in 80% of the patients.However, this comes with the background that  krishna parents is financially incapable and not so literate.With some government and local help the familyspent almost 1,50,000 rupees for his initial treatment. His parents has brought him to CHL-CBCC Cancer Center, Indore under Dr.Vinay Bohara's care and he is responding well to the initial treatment.

His parents cannot even afford food for the entire day.
Though he is responding well to treatment, his parents and relatives have exhausted all their money and krishna's treatment is at the risk of being stopped.This will badly affect the chances of his being cured.His parents has begun to cry and is in a such a bad condition that  has to even beg to have some food during the day.his parent's knows his child can be cured but have no means to make it happen.his parent's has already contacted their relatives, friends and other known people for financial help but hasnot received any.

Krishna can fight this and grow up healthy.
Dr.Vinay says that if krishna can be helped in continuing his treatment to which he has been responding well there would be an extremely good chance of him getting cured and growing up to have a normal and healthy life.He currently needs 3-4 months of treatment consisting of light chemotherapy sessions.A bone marrow transplant would be must needed to the current treatment.

How you can help boy krishna get cured.
Krishna weights 40 kilograms.Even temporary relief her son feels, brings a smile on his parents face but the danger of his treatment being stopped keeps his worried. His parent's condition is so poor that his cannot even afford food.With your support and contribution, thisboy treatment would continue and his parrent's will get a chance to see him grow up healthy.
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krishna pandya
krishna pandya
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25th August 2017
Dear All,

Very sad to inform you all that Krishnya Pandya has passed away. Please do keep the family in your prayers.

The hospital is trying to identify another patient in need of the funds.
We shall keep you updated.

Thank you

Team Milaap

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Krishna, I pray to God for your recovery. May god provide you strength to come out of it.

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sorry for you brother , this is all i can contribute. get well soon bro.

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