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Hi I'm Charu,

We were a cute little family with our son who's going to Play school and myself and my husband.
We were living in Bengaluru. Everything was going well until my husband was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer which is a rarest form. Recently he had some reduction of body weight which was observed around 6 months back.

On advice, We did all the blood tests.The sugar level was found to be elevated (around 400) , rest all reports were normal.
He was able to manage his blood sugar level by doing exercises/walking along with diet control.

He got sick two months ago with an infection. He did two courses of antibiotics on doctors advice and then again after the course was over he got fever. we took him to Columbia asia where doctor asked us to go for another round of antibiotics since the infection was still not cured.
Since he was not able to exercise for last 2 months his blood sugar level was really high and he was recommended to start with Insulin for a week.

His blood sugar level used to sink down to 60 in evenings .He was feeling depressed after the medication started , We started referring to another doctor for his blood sugar. She asked us to start Protein supplement to help with his weight loss.

He complained of his eyes turning yellow last week. which came out as jaundice and we again took him to Columbia Asia.

There was no other symptom for apart from yellow eyes and urine.
He didn't had any pain or fever.

Various test of Radiology were performed on Him.

 1. Ultrasound : ABNORMAL : Date: 1.06.2018  
2. CT Scan : ABNORMAL : Date: 02/06.2018 sl no 3.4.5 (r) ( For pervsal plear)
3. On basis of the above test endoscopy with Biopsy was conducted on 02.06.2018
4. Biopsy came out negative for Malignancy Date: 4.06.2018
 5. IgGu Test : Negative Date : 06.06.2018
6. CA-19.9 Abnormal
7. Bilirubin T
      on 5.6.2018 --> 8.74 mg/dl
      on 7.06/2018 --> 7.97 mg/dl
 8. Bilirubin Direct
      on 5.6.2018 --> 4.93 mg/dl  
      on 7.06/2018 --> 3.6 mg/dl
Doctors told there is blockage in Bile Duct and stunt needs to put .
Stunting Procedure was done.
Bilirubin level has come down to 2 now (as per the last test.
Post the stunting procedure,
Vivek was put on Steroid therapy under an assumption that it might be Autoimmune pancreatic and was monitored for 11 days.
CT scan was repeated again showing No improvement. Biopsy was repeated again .
This time Biopsy was repeated under Dr. Naresh Bhat , GI Surgeon , Aster CMI Bangalore.
We were informed that Again biopsy has come Negative ( Negative for Malignancy, Couldn't rule out Tumor , couldn't confirm autoimmune either) but they saw some cells during the Biopsy which indicate towards Neuroendocrine Cancer. His IHC Marker tests were done.
They turned out to be Negative. We were asked to go for DotA Pet scan and FDG Pet scan. Also Aster recommended that we should collect the cell blocks from there and show them to Doc Sanjay Pai (Pathologist who did the first FNSP) and take second opinion.
On comparison of both the cell blocks Doc Sanjay concluded that there is no malignancy and inflammation has markedly reduced.
He was put back to steroid therapy and we were again asked to do still go for Pet Scan. DotA petscan turned out to be negative for NET. But FDG Pet scan result suggest higher chances of the Growth to be a Tumor / Malignancy.
Since Biopsy is negative both times. We are suggested that we should go for Whipple Surgery. (Kindly refer to Op summary and discharge summary )
Post the surgery the Tumor/ Inflammation part will be sent for biopsy again.
Again his case still not being diagnosed properly. So we are trying to Take him to PGI Chandigarh. We need money and as well as prayers
2nd Endoscopy Report
2nd Endoscopy Report
Biopsies compared report
Biopsies compared report
Petscan report
Petscan report
1st CT scan report
1st CT scan report
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