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Help handicap with health and earning source at home
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My story here...

I am an abandoned handicap person. you must be well aware of that in India, girls are a burden to their parents and handicap girl means bigger burden. To get married a handicap girl a lot of Dowry is required. My parents could not afford it. My father himself being a handicap. My fathers handicap was more than 40%, so he was eligible for govt. job. Whereas I had the same handicap like him but was operated by the doctors when I was small, so the handicap remained less than 40%. Therefore not eligible for any govt. scheme / job etc.

My parents tortured me endlessly because my father did not wanted girl child and my mother hated being married to a handicap and also that the child born to her was handicap, which was another shame to her apart from my dad.I was the eldest child of them all, we are totally 8. you know why? because my father wanted a male child.

He was frustrated, had heart attack twice and also got paralysed because of tension. I did not go back because of all this. But nobody was ready to help me or to accept me. I survived on my own for more than 12 years now. I worked and earned my living all this while, but now I am not able to survive because my handicap has become worse. My backbone swellings and pain and my swelling and pain in my leg  don't allow me to go out and work. I sincerely looked for some work that I can do on my laptop at home, but failed terribly. I called up many NGO's and wrote to many of them that I found on internet, but none of them replied me back.

I have curved backbone and it has compressed nerves at various places which hurts a lot while walking. I have to be constantly on the bed because of this pain. and my leg has swelling at various places and also knees have problems. The sole of my foot has a nerve swelled out which makes it all the more impossible to walk more than 10 mins. Apart from that my bones have become weak too. I am suffering from osteoporosis too. So can't work in this condition. Doctors have advised good diet and rest. But for good diet I need to earn good.
I don't know what to do with my life now.
But one Travel institute told me they can make me earn from home if I do their course, and this course cost around 70 thousand which I can't afford. I want some help with all that.

If possible please help me out because only if I earn something will I be able to do some good to my health.

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